Next Generation M11

Since alkaline water has become of such high interest, you might be interested in an efficient ionizer like the Next Generation M11. The water resulted from this device is high-quality and can improve your health in many ways, mostly because of the advanced technologies it uses to turn regular tap water into ionized water.

Filtration properties

In order to obtain the highest results, the machine uses a dual filter that ensures the proper water quality. A great addition is the Vitamin C Ceramic Ball Filter technology that removes chlorine from the tap water, thus improving the functioning of your bladder and kidneys. Moreover, this water ionizer features a UV light technology that kills germs and bacteria in the tap water. This type of technology is the safest available because it doesn’t use any type of chemicals to kill microorganisms in the water. Instead, it uses electromagnetic radiation that creates a protective layer that neutralizes bacteria in the water. The high-quality technologies used in designing and operating the unit ensure the best results for a very long time and make it resistant to wear and tear.

Air-O-Swiss 7100 Image

Technical specifications

The working model of the unit is based on 11 plates designed with the latest GRID plate technology and an automatic heat sensor protection system. The GRID plates increase the alkaline performance of the water by up to 15% and are one of the most durable and efficient types of plates used in building a water ionizer. It has an automatic water flow control and an advanced RADC self-cleaning system that makes sure the filters are always in the best condition.

It uses the patented MESH technology of Life Ionizer, which keeps the water on the plates for a longer time, so the electrical charge in the water will be higher, therefore, the pH and the ORP of the water will be higher. Also, the device is powered by a switch-mode power supply that regulates the voltage by turning the current on and off at high speeds, so the power transistor will not dissipate the excess power. This helps it stay more durable in time, compared to other water ionizers.

M11 Specs
Water Dispenser Dimensions (inch) 11.65 x 14” x 5.75”
Undersink Body Dimensions (inch) 14.7 x 13.7” x 5.3”
Anti-Oxidant Potential -880 ORP
Water Temperature Range 39°F – 86°F
Number Of Filter Systems 2
Number Of pH Settings 8
Maximum Power Usage 800 Watts
Cleaning System Automatic
Number Of Electrodes 11
Filter Life 6 months
Warranty Lifetime

Air-O-Swiss 7100 Image

Ionization properties

It’s a proven fact that drinking ionized water can detoxify your body in a natural way and can remove acid waste that gathers inside your body through years of intake of processed food and medicines. Some of its features are:

  • pH Level – The pH of the alkaline water obtained can reach as high as 11, which enables the water to neutralize your body’s acid. This helps prevent cellular damage and protects your bones and tissues from wear
  • ORP – The ionized water from this device has an anti-oxidant potential of -880 ORP, which increases the beneficial effects of ionized alkaline water on your body
  • UV Technology – The UV technology removes the need for added chemicals that would improve the results of the water alkalizer

Another aspect of ionized water is the small molecules in a water cluster, which ensure a better absorption into your body, thus a better hydration. Tap water has 12 to 16 molecules per cluster while ionized water has 5 to 8, meaning it will get absorbed faster by the cells and tissues in your body and it will manage to eliminate solid waste and toxins.

Warranty and Support

The product comes with an impressive lifetime warranty on all part and labor, which is something you don’t see in every ionizer available. If you compare the price, the performance, and the reliability of this product, you will discover that the lifetime warranty is the final touch that completes a highly efficient unit. For added convenience, the manufacturer offers live support and contact details on their official website, and a wide range of parts and accessories to increase the performance of your machine.