Kangen Leveluk SD501

The Leveluk SD501 water ionizer is an advanced unit that uses high-quality technologies to deliver healthy alkaline ionized water. With its built-in electrolysis chamber, this device generates five types of water that you can use for a variety of household needs and operating it will be a nick-knack thanks to the user-friendly control panel. If you want an efficient and easy to use water alkalizer that will provide you with healthy alkaline water, this unit can be what you are looking for.

Technical specifications

It uses a number of 7 plates made of a platinum coated solid titanium that ensures a high performance and a safe operating thanks to the thermal protection with current limiter and voltage stabilizer. Some of its particularities are:

  • Smart Technology – The working technology it uses is a continuous ionized electrolysis system with a built-in flow rate sensor
  • Types of Water – It can produce five types of water, namely Clean water, Acidic water, Strong Acidic water, Kangen water, and Strong Kangen water
  • Flow – For an ionizer its size, it has a satisfying flow rate of 2 gallons per minute for Kangen water, 0.7 gallons for acidic water, and 0.3 gallons per minute for strong acidic water

The device is designed to be used on the regular water running through your household water pipes and it can yield for about 30 minutes of continuous use at normal room temperature. The unit works with a filter and doesn’t include self-cleaning features, as you will have to handle this aspect yourself.

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Filtration properties

With this unit, you will also manage to remove some of the contaminants existing in your tap water, although the range is not very impressive. It uses one HG-N filter with a maximum of 1500 gallons of filtered water before it needs to be replaced. The filter is a mixture of anti-bacterial granular activated charcoal and sulfurous acidic calcium, which can remove almost 95% of the chlorine existing in your tap water and it can not remove metallic ions and salinity from the water.

Ionization properties

The ORP capability, or the oxidation-reduction potential, reaches a -850 level, meaning it is a highly antioxidant for your body and it protects your cells from damage. Drinking water resulted from this unit increases your body’s immune system and enables it to fight cellular damage. The Kangen water has a pH of 8.5-9.5 It can provide five different types of water with five different pH levels:

  • Clean Water – The clean water reaches a pH level 7
  • Acidic Water – The acidic water has a 5.5-6.6 pH level
  • Strong Acidic Water – The strong acidic is the lowest with a 2.4-2.7 level
  • Kangen Water – The strong Kangen water has an impressive 11 pH level

You have the ability to increase the benefits of this machine by adding chemical additives such as acidic calcium or an electrolysis enhancer. The electrolysis enhancer is an additive that forces the dissolving of the particles in the water, and one-time addition offers almost 1.3 gallons of strong acidic water.

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Ease of use

The easy installation takes away the guessing and the plumbing work, as it includes a 1-way diverter that connects to the end of your faucet. As simple as that, you will have ionized water running through your tap. The large LCD display shows the status of the unit and the colored buttons are clearly labeled so that you will know exactly which button to push according to the type of water you need. There is a small drawing for each button that specifies the purposes for each type of water provided by the machine.

The filters should be replaced when the unit has filtered a maximum of 1500 gallons of water, but the amounts may differ depending on the quality of your tap water. When it’s time for you to replace the filters, the ionizer will let you know with voice, buzzer, and LCD notifications.

Warranty and Support

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water offered by the water alkalizer without worrying about any type of defects for 5 years due to the warranty provided by the manufacturer. If you compare it to other models that include a lifetime warranty, you will find it far from satisfying. You can also find spare parts and accessories available for purchase on the official website, as well as contact details for you to get the help you need regarding your purchase.