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Jupiter Science Venus JP107


H aving a water ionizer in your house can bring you many benefits. Other than improving your overall health, you will feel more energized and rejuvenated after drinking 8 glasses of alkaline water per day. The Jupiter Science Venus JP107 is one of the most popular ionizers but this device is more than a simple ionizer. This device includes a number of features that were designed to make the device easier to use while performing at high levels. This device can turn regular drinking water into pure alkaline water while ensuring that all the harmful substances and germs are completely removed.

Technical specifications

The most important feature of the unit is its internal structure. It is designed in a way to separate the acid and alkaline water in a very precise manner. The JP107 can serve multiple purposes. Some of its particularities are:

  • Efficient Removal – Other than ionizing water it also isolates fluoride, chlorine or other substances that are harmful to your health
  • Self-clean – This particular model can run on a single clean cycle of 10 seconds per 20 liters which means that it doesn’t require thorough maintenance
  • Self-diagnostic – It comes with a self-diagnostic feature that includes the ability to prevent an excessive electric current, as well as controlling and determining the quantity, quality and the temperature of the water

Jupiter Science Venus JP107 Image

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Filtration properties

It filters the tap water and then it converts it to ionized water, so you can too drink fresh and clean water directly from the tap. The unit uses 0.1 Micron bio-stone filter, which is basically an activated carbon filter. This filter consists of layers of tourmaline ceramic, charcoal, and coral calcium beads that are able to destroy germs and get rid of unpleasant odors. The bio-stone filter cartridge can remove a large number of contaminants and chemicals such as sediments, organic waste, chlorine, trihalomethanes, and germs.


Jupiter Science Venus JP107 7 Spec Sheet
Water Types 9
Electrode Plates 5
Plate Construction Platinum coated titanium
ORP Range Depends on water source
PH Range 5 to 11
Filter Biostone Filter
Highlight Manual Voltage adjustment for an extra 24 pH levels
Wattage N/A
Warranty 5-year
Dimensions 9.75 x 13 x 13 inches
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Ease of use

This versatile ionizer comes with many features that were specifically created to make it a user-friendly device. Some of its characteristics are:

  • Touchscreen – This model comes with a touchscreen that has intuitive and easy to use controls so that anyone can use it. It’s also more hygienic as it blocks germs from spreading
  • Easy Installation – Installing the unit can be done in just a matter of minutes because the installation process is very straightforward and not all confusing or difficult
  • Manual Voltage Adjustment – It has a manual voltage adjustment for all 24 pH levels. This is something that you don’t encounter very often in many models

This unit comes with an adapter that fits perfectly onto your kitchen tap. However, we should mention that it needs a tap with an aerator, so if you don’t dispose of a new model that includes an aerator, we advise you to change your existing tap.

Jupiter Science Venus JP107 Image

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Ionization properties

Regarding the ionization properties of this model, it’s very important to mention that the device uses tourmaline ceramic to energize water. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that emits FIR (far infrared energy) to make it easier to begin the negative ion creation process. The water that passes through the tourmaline can result in better-ionized water with a low ORP. The water is ionized in the ionization chamber made from Platinum-Titanium coated electrolytic cells. The alkaline ionized water has an excess of negative OH-ions and plenty of minerals that have a positive effect on human health and body. The machine uses proprietary matting technology between the cell electrodes, making it highly resistant to mineral deposits, such as lime or iron build-ups.

Warranty and Support

The product has generally received positive reviews and customers seem to be very pleased with its quality. The 5-Years warranty is also a testament to the high quality of the Jupiter JP107. If you are interested in learning more about this water ionizing machine or if you have any questions regarding any aspects related to the product, feel free to contact the Jupiter support representatives via phone, email, or visit their official page for further information.

Bottom Line

As you have probably noticed, this is not an ordinary ionizer. It comes with one of the most complex filtering systems in the industry, which consists of no less than 9 filtering layers, each specialized in capturing a variety of contaminants. Thus the water doesn’t only get alkalinized but filtered, and for sure there’s plenty to filter, as tap water isn’t renowned for its purity. Plus, it doesn’t only clean your water but it cleans itself, sparing you of performing maintenance works. However, remember that it requires a tap aerator, so make sure you adapt your system before the unit arrives so you can enjoy healthy water on the spot. Yes, the installation will be ready immediately.

Logan Hewitt
Logan Hewitt
Logan was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, one of the most affected American cities by pollution, experiencing firsthand the phenomenon’s dangers. He worked in retail for a small electronics shop for 5 years, where he had his first experience with air purifiers. With his interest in technologies that are meant to improve life quality and the technical skills he gained with the passing of time, Logan is able to provide readers with in-depth analysis of life-changing devices.