Jupiter Athena JS205

For those looking for a convenient water ionizer that will offer satisfying results in producing alkaline water, we suggest the Jupiter Athena JS205 as a quality alternative. The many features it comes with and the high-quality technologies it uses makes this product an excellent choice even for the most demanding of you.

Ionization properties

You can rely on this model to offer you water with 9 levels of pH so you can use it for many purposes, including bathing and cooking. The unit also guarantees the highest standards in ORP capability, which is the oxidation reducing the potential of the water resulted from using it. The MICOM Electronics system used by this water ionizer is a microcomputer that controls the functions of the unit and maintains the pH level at the best rates according to the water flow. You will manage to bring the benefits of alkaline water into your home and you will be very pleased with the performance of this water ionizer.

Jupiter Athena JS205 Image

Technical specifications

This unit uses a number of 5 of the most advanced mesh platinum-titanium plates available in the field, which guarantees the best performance in treating tap water. The mesh feature increases the surface area without enlarging the device so you can install the water ionizer on any tap. This unit uses a Bio-stone filtration system with a revolutionary and patented 9-stage Biostone filter.

Also, this model features a hot water alarm that shuts it off when the water temperature is too high, so the filter won’t be ruined. There is also a warning indicator that informs you on this aspect and you can relax knowing that no hot water will get inside your ionizer due to a safety shield. In case the power goes up and down, the machine is protected against damage by a power fuse that adjusts the power.

A voice indicator that alerts you to your selection of alkaline, acidic or purified water. You can adjust the volume level or simply switch the sound ON/OFF as you desire. These new units include the patented DARC (double action reverse cleaning) system. This feature completely removes any scale from the electronic cell helping to make sure your ionizer stays in top working condition.

Athena JS205 Specs
Dimensions (inch) 13 x 10.5 x 5.75
Anti-Oxidant Potential Range +1000
Operating Temperature Range 41°F – 86°F
Number Of Filter Systems 1
pH Range 3.0 to 11.5
Maximum Power Usage 110 Watts
Water Inflow 0.6-7kgf/cm
Electrolysis Method Continuous
Flow Rate Per Minute 3 liters
Warranty Lifetime

Jupiter Athena JS205 Image

Filtration properties

This product uses two revolutionary Emco Tech BioStone filters with 9 simultaneous filtration levels that deliver the highest results in water ionization at this moment. The resulted water is filtered and improved in order to keep you away from waterborne diseases caused by bacteria and germs. The 9-step, a multi-stage filter is responsible for delivering not only alkaline but also clean and filtered drinking water. The average lifespan of the filter is one year, depending on how often you use the device.

Warranty and Support

To protect the ionizer and ensure optimal performance, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty that hasn’t been seen in another ionizer. This guarantees that your ionizer will work at the highest standards year after year without showing signs of wear. The filtering system is covered by a 3-year warranty meaning you will receive three free filter replacements. The customer service is exquisite and prompt so that your entire experience with the Jupiter Athena JS205 will be perfect.