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IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580

We all know that the regular tap water is not at all healthy, and although city water is treated with different substances to remove major contaminants, it still represents a danger to our health. The chlorine, fluoride or other common chemicals could actually impose grave danger to your health. In order to make sure that you stay healthy, you should consider opting for a water ionizer. This unit is very efficient at producing healthy ionized alkaline water, which has many health benefits. So, are you trying to find out if this ionizer machine could be exactly what you’re looking for? Let’s find out.

Technical specifications

The unit features 5 plates that are manufactured by KOBE Steel, Japan. The plates used here for the electrolysis chamber are made of titanium, which is a very durable material. What’s very important to mention here is the fact that this particular model comes with a function that provides an automatic 10-second electrolysis chamber cleansing after each use. This is a great feature that helps the IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580 water ionizer deliver great results after every use.

IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580 Image

Ease of use

Weighing just 8.8 pounds and measuring 8 inches in length, 4.9 inches in width, and 12.2 inches in height, this unit is very easy to handle. Some of its features are:

  • Water Levels – You can choose between seven water levels: four alkaline levels, one level for filtered water and two acidic levels
  • Installation – Installing this water ionizer might pose you some problems because there’s a problem with the user manual
  • Auto-cleaning – The ionizer comes with a cleansing alarm that automatically rings is the production of alkaline water has exceeded thirty liters

Ionization properties

This water ionizer is capable of changing the alkalinity of water within the range of 4.5 to 11.0 pH. However, this all depends on what type of water you wish to consume. Alkaline water is said to have amazing health benefits for our health. With this efficient water ionizer, you can transform typical tap water into alkaline water that contains antioxidants and healthy minerals that help the body become more healthy and energized.

IntelGadgets IONtech IT-580 Image

Filtration properties

Another plus for this machine is obviously its filtration system that removes large amounts of contaminants from the water. Nowadays, water ionizers often included an activated carbon filter which is majorly responsible for removing large particles of dirt, rust but also get rid of harmful contaminants such as chlorine and water impurities as well. There’s, however, a small drawback related to the activated carbon filter. In order to make sure that the IONtech IT-580 delivers optimal results for the years to come, you need to change the filters after several years. Considering the fact that you can find high-quality filters at Intel Gadgets, this should not really be a problem after all.

Warranty and Support

The customer support offered by the IntelGadgets representatives is very helpful and responsive. On their official page, you can find plenty of information regarding the warranty or other aspects related to the product. Speaking of the warranty trial, this unit includes a small 2 years warranty, meaning that from the day of purchase you can get the unit repaired or replaced without having to pay additional costs.

Logan Hewitt
Logan Hewitt
Logan was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, one of the most affected American cities by pollution, experiencing firsthand the phenomenon’s dangers. He worked in retail for a small electronics shop for 5 years, where he had his first experience with air purifiers. With his interest in technologies that are meant to improve life quality and the technical skills he gained with the passing of time, Logan is able to provide readers with in-depth analysis of life-changing devices.