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Whenever you have the free time and you want to enjoy a soothing and relaxing detoxification session , you can rely on the sauna blanket to provide it. With a top quality infrared sauna blanket, not only will you feel a major difference in your health as it will receive a generous boost, but you will feel relaxed and relieved of stress as well. For those who don’t have the money or the free space to install a standalone infrared sauna, this blanket can prove to be the ultimate investment. If you’re delighted about the blanket and what it has to offer and you want to own one as well, check out the comparison table below to find out what are the best models on the market right now.

Top 5 Infrared Sauna Blanket Compared

1. Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Digital FIR 2. SDI Deals Portable FIR 3. Nova Microdermabrasion 3 Zone FIR 4. Gizmo Supply 2 Zone FIR 5. Eastmagic 3 Zone Digital FIR

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Gizmo Supply Co. SDI Deals Nova Microdermabrasion Gizmo Supply Co. Eastmagic
Dimensions(L x W) 66″ x 32″ 78″ x 35″ 70.9″ x 35.4″ N/A N/A
Weight 25 Lbs 21 Lbs 39 Lbs 23 Lbs 15.8 Lbs
Exterior Material Top Grade PU Waterproof Nylon Top Grade PU Top Grade PU Top Grade PU
Interior Material Waterproof PVC Waterproof PVC Waterproof PVC Waterproof PVC Waterproof PVC
Power Rating 450W 1000W 450W 450W N/A
Voltage 110V 110V 110V 110V 110V


Minimum Temperature 77°F N/A 104°F 25°F 77°F
Maximum Temperature 185°F 113°F 185°F 75°F 167°F
Heating Zones 3 360° 3 2 3
Negative Ions


Adjustable Temperature
Timer Up to 60 Minutes Up to 60 Minutes Up to 60 Minutes Up to 60 Minutes
Independent Temperature Control
Memory Setting


Product Warranty 3 Years 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee 3 Years Satisfaction Guarantee
Customer Support
User Manual

Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Digital FIR Image

Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Digital FIR

The deep penetrating ability of the far infrared technology used by this high-quality sauna blanket combined with its design and features make it the best performing model out there. There are a plethora of elements that we loved when reviewing it, and we will try to list and explain the most impressive ones. You will enjoy the fact that it’s easy to store due to the fact that it’s compact. It uses a minimal amount of energy so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill.

Smart Design

First of all, the 66-inch length of the blanket makes it perfect for use even by taller people. Also, the 32-inch width ensures that even those who aren’t fit and slim will fit in it. What stands out about this product is that you can set it up within 5 minutes. Some of its features are:

  • Material – The materials that it’s made with are of an impressive quality as well, the exterior is made with top grade polyurethane, while the interior is made with waterproof PVC so that it doesn’t degrade due to your sweating
  • Wire – The heating wire has been designed in order to prevent any stretches or bends. Thus, the same quality will remain
  • Retains Heat – On the inside, the model has been designed with a Velcro which will allow the heat to remain

Factors Worthy To Mention

  • The material is soft to touch so it doesn’t irritate your skin
  • The temperature is adjustable according to your needs
  • This product can be used for personal and professional use

Safe and Efficient

Due to the fact that it emits low levels of EMF, your safety is ensured while you are in it. When it comes to the temperature that your skin will enter into contact with, it ranges from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, no matter what your preference and tolerance are, you will find the perfect temperature to enjoy the soothing sauna session. Some of its particularities are:

  • Heating Zones – The 3 heating zones that the infrared sauna blanket offers can be set at different temperatures, independent from each other
  • Timer – The timer function that it features allows you to set the blanket to run for 20, 40, or 60 minutes continuously until it shuts off on its own
  • Powerful – By using this product you can burn up to 500 calories within a 30-minute section


The reason why this product sells so well is due to the fact that it’s very convenient to use even if you’re a beginner. In addition to this, you can make it function according to your needs so you can find the most comfortable setting according to your needs. As well as, the material is very soft and safe which means that you can stay inside for as long as you wish. It also has independent heating zones so you can work in your upper, waist, and lower body part.

SDI Deals Portable FIR Image

SDI Deals Portable FIR

SDI Deals might not be one of the most renowned manufacturers on the market, but it has still managed to deliver one of the best sauna blankets of the moments. This blanket measures an impressive 78 inches in length and 35 inches in width, so it can be used by people who are very tall or who are on the heavier side. What makes it stand out from all the other blankets on the market right now is the fact that it has a dome design, being ideal for those who want to enjoy a little more room.

Smart Design

The exterior of the dome is covered by waterproof nylon, while the interior is made with high-quality waterproof PVC to ensure that no matter how much you sweat, there won’t exist any repercussions. Some of its features are:

  • FIR Technology – Just like our first choice, this blanket uses the far infrared technology, so it presents a safe option to go with
  • Heating Zone – The blanket’s 360-degree zone heating that makes it stand out from its competitors, a zone heating that ensures your entire body will benefit from the radiant heat emitted by the heating ceramic radiator
  • Safe – The maximum temperature that it can reach is 113 degrees Fahrenheit, and it comes with a timer that you can set to ensure that you won’t sit for longer than it is recommended in it

Features Worthy To Remember

  • The low EMF rating ensures that your health won’t be affected at all by the sauna session
  • It has a washable waterproof nylon cover
  • At no extra price you will receive an air inflatable pillow and an air pump
  • Suitable for all body types that measure up to 6.5 feet tall

Portable and Practical

Due to its portable design, you will be thoroughly pleased to know that you can take it wherever you go. You will figure out what to do within minutes. In addition to this, it’s described to be lightweight which means that you can travel with it. Some of its characteristics are:

  • Dome – The dome is fully enclosed so it’s impossible for the heat to escape
  • Accessories – At no extra price you will receive a floor mat, cover, heating radiator, controller, pump, and pillow
  • Controller – The controller can independently control the heating temperature so you can get comfortable without moving


The reason why we recommend this product is because it has been designed in order to provide you with comfort and practicality. All of the required accessories are included inside of the package which means that you don’t have to spend extra. In addition to this, it can get powered through any standard power connection which means that you can set it up wherever you are. Due to its properties, you will be able to feel lighter and ready for the day ahead.

Nova Microdermabrasion 3 Zone FIR Image

Nova Microdermabrasion 3 Zone FIR

The far infrared technology used by this sauna blanket makes it safe for use and ensures that the radiant heat will effectively penetrate your skin so that you will enjoy all the health benefits of the sauna session. The exterior of this high-end blanket is made from top grade polyurethane that ensures long-lasting durability, while the interior is made with waterproof PVC so that it won’t be a problem that you sweat when you’re inside it. It features 3 separate heating zones that ensure complete coverage of your body , thus fully benefiting from the experience when you’re inside it. The negative ions that it releases have the role to not only kill germs and bacteria so that they don’t thrive in this environment, putting your health in danger, but that has the role of providing an increase of oxygen to your brain as well. With a temperature that ranges from 104 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, you will surely find the appropriate temperature for your preference and level of tolerance. The controller that it comes with features a useful timer that you can set at a maximum of 60 minutes in 20-minute increments. It features independent temperature control for each of the three heating zones , allowing you to decide how much heat each of them should emit. Probably the biggest highlight of this product is the fact that it features the useful and convenient memory setting that stores your preferences, making it easier for you to use the blanket.

Gizmo Supply 2 Zone FIR Image

Gizmo Supply 2 Zone FIR

Another high-end sauna blanket that comes from Gizmo Supply, the manufacturer of the best product of this kind on the market at the moment, is this 2-zone far infrared model. The far infrared technology that it boasts ensures deep penetration of your skin, while the low EMF levels that it emits make it a safe choice to go with. Unlike the other models that we have talked about up to this point, this one features 2 heating zones. This isn’t necessarily a downfall as the two zones ensure that your entire body benefits from the radiant heat emitted. The temperature range that it boasts is from 25 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring a comfortable yet effective sweat session. The length and width of the blanket allow even those who don’t have a standard height or weight to use it without a problem. Another highlight that it boasts is the fact that it’s made with quality materials, the exterior is made with top grade polyurethane, while the interior is made with reinforced waterproof PVC. Just like the other better ranked blanked produced by the same manufacturer, it emits negative ions, thus ensuring a proper oxygen flow to the brain and ensuring that germs won’t inhabit the blanket. In addition, the timer function that it comes with can be set for a maximum of 60 minutes in 20-minute increments , so you won’t be at risk of overusing the sauna and endangering your health.

Eastmagic 3 Zone Digital FIR Image

Eastmagic 3 Zone Digital FIR

Our choice for the fifth best-infrared sauna blanket on the market is this model produced by Eastmagic, a manufacturer that might not be very renowned but that has managed to gather a rather massive following due to the quality of this blanket. Due to the fact that it weighs only 15.8 pounds, it will be a cinch for you to move it around the house as you like, and you won’t have a hard time carrying in the luggage when you go on vacation either. The top grade polyurethane and waterproof PVC construction that it boasts make it durable and worthy to invest in as it will be by your side for many years. Just like all the other blankets that we previously reviewed, it uses the safe and effective far infrared technology, ensuring a deep penetration of your skin by the radiant heat. Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that it delivers a low EMF rating that makes it a safe option to go with. The minimum temperature that you can set is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and the maximum temperature is 167 degrees Fahrenheit. It features 3 heating zones that ensure complete coverage of your body when you’re inside it. As expected from any high-end sauna blanket, it comes with a useful timer function that allows you to set the duration of the sauna session. In addition, to make this model an even more convenient option to go with, know that it features independent temperature control , meaning that you can set different temperatures for each of the heating zones to fully customize your sauna experience.

TTLIFE Digital FIR Blanket Image

TTLIFE Digital FIR Blanket

By considering this model, you will be able to adjust it according to your needs. You will be able to adjust the temperature from 35 to 75 degrees. As well as, you will also be able to set the timer from 15 to 60 minutes. The high-grade PU material is fully waterproof will withstand extensive use for a long period of time. In addition to this, even if it has been engineered with a wire, the hot wire will withstand stretching and bending. The reason why this model is so popular is due to the fact that it will take up to 10 minutes for the fat to break down. This item is also safe due to the fact that it comes with indicator lights which means that you will always know what is going on. Also, the temperature and time are easy to be understood as it’s presented in a clear manner.

Useful Buying Guide

Buying a quality infrared sauna blanket isn’t an easy task at all as there are certain elements such as features and specs that you have to pay close attention to as they separate the quality models from the less performing ones. Here, we will give you some useful guidelines to follow when you go shopping to make sure that the blanket you end up buying won’t only be durable, serving you for many years, but that it will provide a high-quality performance that is going to ensure the boost of your health.

  • Exterior and Interior Material

    First and foremost, you have to pay attention to the materials that the blanket is made from as this shows its quality and durability. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up investing in a product that fails you after only a few months of use. Thus, make sure that the interior is made with waterproof PVC , the highest quality material that can be used in the manufacturing of the sauna blanket. The reason why it’s important for the interior to be made with it is that you will sweat when using it, thus needing for the interior of the blanket to be protected by the material and the blanket to not suffer any damage due to the moisture that gathers inside. When it comes to the exterior, we recommend that you invest in a product made with top grade polyurethane , a material that ensures the durability of the blanket.

  • Far Infrared Technology

    As you have probably already noticed, all of the models featured in our top use the far infrared technology. The reason for this occurrence is because far infrared is not only safe for the person using the sauna blanket but because the radiant heat that is emitted penetrates the skin deep , thus ensuring that you will fully enjoy the health benefits that are offered by the blanket.

  • Temperature Range

    Some people have a higher tolerance when it comes to the temperatures that their skin can handle, while others are more sensitive. This is the reason why it’s important for you to pay attention to the temperature range that the blanket offers before you purchase it. Of course, we can’t advise you to purchase a certain model when it comes to this point of view as this decision depends on every user’s preference and tolerance.

  • Timer Function

    Most people tend to be forgetful or distraught when they relax, not paying as much attention to the surrounding environment anymore. When you will sit inside the blanket, you will most probably feel so relaxed that you won’t bother to look at the time to see for how long you have been sitting there, or you might even fall asleep. Overusing the blanket leads to inevitable health issues such as dehydration and skin burns. To make sure that you won’t ever have this problem, make sure that the model you buy features the useful and safety-enhancing timer function . This feature allows you to set the duration of the sauna session, thus ensuring that even if you fall asleep inside it the blanket will turn off after the set period of time in order to keep you safe.

How We Rated the Blankets

In this section of the article, we will show you what are the ratings that affected the rankings the most, explaining what impact they have on the quality of the infrared sauna blankets. By doing this, we hope to make you better understand the reasoning behind the ranking that we have created and that it will serve as a buying guide for when you go shopping as well, knowing what are the elements that you have to put an accent on.

  • Quality of the Materials

    Obviously, one of the biggest aspects that we took into consideration was the build quality of the blankets. As you can see in the comparison table, the interiors of all the blankets are made from waterproof PVC as this material ensures that the blanket will be alright no matter how much you sweat. Also, most of the models feature a top grade polyurethane exterior that guarantees their durability.

  • Dimensions

    The size of the blanket, more precisely the length and width that it boasts, are two important elements as they show what people can use the product. The bigger the sizes the better for those who are tall or who have tall household members as these people will comfortably fit inside the blankets. The same goes when it comes to the blanket’s width, people who are overweight or obese entering easily into a larger blanket.

  • Low EMF

    It’s mandatory for the sauna blanket to emit low levels of EMF, a low EMF rating showing that the sauna session doesn’t endanger your health in any way. Exposure to high EMF, more precisely exposure to EMF that exceeds 3 milligauss puts you in danger of falling victim to serious illnesses such as respiratory problems , depression, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and even cancer. This is the reason why we made it a point to choose only sauna blankets that emit low and safe EMF.

  • Heating Zones

    The number of heating zones isn’t that important, what’s important being for these zones to ensure that your entire body is covered, benefiting from the radiant heat of the sauna blanket. As you can see, most of the models in our top feature 3 heating zones that ensure full coverage, while the SDI Deals Portable FIR in designed in a dome shape to guarantee a 360-degree coverage of your body. When it came to this rating, our choice for the second best model on the market received the biggest score because of this ingenious design.

  • Negative Ions

    High-end infrared sauna blankets also emit negative ions. The reason why our ratings were influenced by the presence of these ions is that they help increase the oxygen flow to the brain, thus making the entire experience of using the blankets safer and more benefit. Also, they fight germs and bacteria, ensuring a clean environment to sit in. The Gizmo Supply 3 Zone Digital FIR, Nova Microdermabrasion 3 Zone FIR, and Gizmo Supply 2 Zone FIR models received extra points when it came to these aspects as all three sauna blankets emit the useful negative ions.

  • Independent Temperature Control

    Another element that we took into consideration is the independent temperature control as this feature shows that you can choose a different temperature to be emitted by each of the heating zones. Thus, if you want to feel a bigger warmth on your back than on your stomach, you can change the temperature settings as you like for both zones due to this feature.

A relaxing sweat session is what we all need once in a while as it not only helps our bodies eliminate nocive toxins that gather in it but because it comes with a wide variety of other health benefits to be enjoyed as well. A 20-30 minute session in the sauna is the ideal way to sweat and relieve yourself of the stress that has gathered, relaxing while your health is boosted, but not everyone can enjoy taking a sauna as some people live too far from spas and gyms that offer this service while others can’t afford to install an indoor sauna because of money or space problems.

If relaxing in a hot environment is all that you need and want, but you can’t or won’t install an indoor or an outdoor sauna, then the next best investment that you can make is to purchase a high-quality infrared sauna blanket. The reason why we recommend infrared blankets is because this technology ensures that the heat emitted by the heater will focus directly on your body, not on the surrounding environment. Thus, the results when it comes not only to your health but to the way you look will be spectacular. Additionally, the lack of steam makes the environment inside the blanket a lot more enjoyable to most people as it doesn’t cause the user to feel suffocated or too hot.

A sauna blanket is a perfect investment to make for a lot of reasons, but we will talk about them in other sections of our article. For now, we will simply tell you that the infrared technology that the blankets use is safe for you and it helps boost your health in more ways than you could ever imagine, and that this will be a convenient purchase as it won’t occupy much space and it will be easy for you to take the blanket in your bags and enjoy a relaxing sauna session no matter where you go.