Winix FresHome P450

In order to get rid of pollutants, germs, and micro-organisms that cause bad odors and make the air feel moldy and simply unbreathable, you will want to invest in a large room air purifier, like the Winix FresHome P450. This particular model features a three-stage filtration system, which includes an activated carbon filter, a HEPA filter, and an efficient ionizer. It can fight against dust, allergens such as pollen, pet hair and significantly reduce allergens that are responsible for triggering allergic reactions. You can purchase it for under $344.99 but if you find it somewhat expensive, note that it is available for less than $240 on some particular websites that have seasonal offers.

Technical specifications

The Winix FresHome P450 uses a very efficient air filtration system that is designed to remove allergens, dust, and germs. First of all, the disposable carbon filter captures all the large pollutants, such as hair, dust, and other debris. The second stage involves the air passing through a HEPA filter, which can capture dust mites, pollen and pet dander. In the final stage, the ionizer charges negative ions and capture the air.

What differentiates this ionizer from others is the fact that it generates a weak electromagnetic charge so it doesn’t have the power to cause damage to your lungs because as you may probably already know, prolonged exposure to ionized particles can damage your lungs and cause respiratory problems. The CADR rate, which is short for Clean Air Delivery Rate, is as follows: 343 for Pollen, 291 for Smoke and 298 for Dust. These numbers imply that it can cover a lot of space, up to 450 square feet, making it a perfect choice for large rooms.
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The overall performance is pretty good. This air purifier is capable of removing 99.97% of allergens, irritants and other harmful particles and microorganism that is invisible to the naked eye but can trigger an allergy reaction in just a matter of seconds. Some of the smart features are:

  • This particular model features the PlasmaWave technology which is capable of creating both positive and negative ions that get combined with water vapor to form hydroxyls
  • This way, the pollutants are broken down at a molecular level, to ensure that you live in a healthy and safe environment, free of impurities
  • In addition to that, the activated carbon pre-filter will rid the air of bad odors and capture large particles, such as pet hair, so you’ll manage to keep your home odor-free by simply using your purifier

Convenience features

This air cleaner is packed with many convenient and practical features. The Quiet mode, for instance, is a useful feature as it can help you keep the unit on minimum so that you have a good night’s rest. You won’t even hear it during the night time. What this does is to adjust the fan speed to run with as little noise as possible, so you can sleep better at night. The auto mode feature involves using an air-quality sensor that automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the quality of the air. In addition to being a quiet purifier, the Winix FresHome P450 also comes with a sleep mode which dims the light and turn off the fan but this will only take place when the devices senseless light in the room.
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This model measures 18.9″ wide x 25.6″ high x 11.8″ deep, making it among the largest air cleaners available on the market. Although it’s very tall and wide, it has an attractive design. The design will go well with a modern and stylish decor. Despite the large size, it’s a lightweight appliance. It weighs not more than 18.7 lbs and because it also features a handle, it’s so easy to transport it in any room of the house. This particular model several filtration stages to ensure that it rids your air of all of these contaminants and irritants that can damage your health.

Warranty and support

Regarding warranty and customer support, things go as expected. The FresHome P450 is known for providing good customer service, and this is obvious from the moment you enter on their official page. There, you can browse through the FAQs and find plenty of useful information and a good customer support. It is backed up by a limited three-year warranty.