Pool Cover Pump

C over pumps are a necessity for all those who own a swimming pool and want to remove the water from the top of the cover. So, if you have a swimming pool and you want to find an efficient way that can help do this job in an easy manner, then you should consider investing in one. Not removing the unwanted water from the pool cover may lead to serious damage to it because the weight of the water can tear or collapse the cover in the pool, which is to be avoided.

A great solution to maintain it safe for a longer period of time and to successfully collect the water from the cover with minimum effort is to simply look for a high-quality model that will do all the difficult job for you. The best models on the market are convenient to use, being at the same time very durable and performant. So, in order to help you choose a quality pump to go with, we have gathered here below the most reliable options on the market.

Little Giant PCP550 Image

11. Little Giant PCP550

This model has been designed to remove up to 550 GPH at 0′ lift or 400 GPH at 3′ lift from the cover. Thus, it’s ideal for household water transfer applications. Furthermore, it has also been designed with an intake screen for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can consider this product with confidence as it comes with a 30-days warranty period. So, if you don’t like it when it arrives, you can get in contact with the customer service to exchange it or receive a refund.

Easy Installation

The 3/4 hose connection will ensure an easy installation so you can set it up without professional help. The 550-gallon per hour flow rate will provide fast removal of the water. Its design features are:

  • Versatile – The pump can be positioned in any way. However, it will lower the level of water much deeper if it’s position on its 3 sides
  • Energy-efficient – This model only consumes 58-watts. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your energy bill
  • Wide Application – What’s interesting about this pump is the fact that you can use it for more places than just your pool, such as the hot tub

The pump will automatically shut off when the water level has reached 8-inch. This amount of water will do no harm as it will be evaporated by the sun.

Features To Consider
  • Dimensions – 3.2” (D) x 7” (W) x 5.6” (H)
  • Horsepower – 1 1/50
  • Cord Length – 25 ft
UL Listed

You can consider this product with confidence as it has been independently tested. The tests show that this product is not only efficient but also safe. In addition to this, it means that you can allow it to operate without having to babysit it.

  • It will leave behind a small amount of water
  • The pump can be submersed under water
  • Independently tested for safety

It works better when it’s fully submersed under water


The reason why this is a best seller is because it can remove a large quantity of water fast. Thus, you don’t have to wait around meaninglessly. Also, it will ensure easy installation even for those that haven’t used such a product before.

Pumps Away BS 27316 Image

10. Pumps Away BS 27316

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This submersible pump has a capacity of 350 gallons per hour. Equally important, it has an oil-free design which means that it’s an environmental-friendly pump. Hence, it will take care of your needs and the needs of the environment. Furthermore, you can consider this pump in confidence as it comes with 1-year warranty period to protect you against additional costs. In addition to this, this pump is UL listed which means that it has been individually tested to prove its efficiency.

Unique Pre-filter Pump

In order to prevent clogging from dirt such as leaves, twigs, and slime, the pump has been created with a unique pre-filter that will stop the debris from reaching inside of the pump. Hence, you will enjoy longevity and get the most for your money. Some of its design features are:

  • Capacity – The pump can remove 350 gallons per hour
  • Deep – It will pump water within 1/8-inch deep
  • Versatile – It can be manually turned on or off
Important Features To Consider
  • It can be used for waterfall pool features
  • The filter can be washed and replaced
  • It can pump water 1/2” deep if fully submerged
Long Power Cord

This 25 feet power cord is flexible and comfortable to be used regardless of the type of pool you have. This pump is suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools. Furthermore, it has a standard hose adapter for simple installation.

  • Fully submersible for in-ground or above-ground
  • Suitable for quick set-up by beginners
  • Independently tested

Quality of the housing could be improved


The oil-free design means that you can allow it to operate throughout the day without worrying about the environment. Even though it has a high capacity, the energy-saving operation means that you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill.

Yescom 1HP Pump Image

9. Yescom 1HP Pump

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If you’re looking for a powerful pump, this is another model that you should consider. The reason for this is because it has a superior quality motor that will ensure quality throughout the years. The 1 HP motor will allow you to use it for swimming pools, ponds, basements, and yards. In addition to this, it has been engineered by US experts in order to meet your high standards. The user manual will allow you to set it up without spending too much time.

Safe and Practical

Even though the motor is heavy-duty, it doesn’t mean that you should worry about your safety. In fact, this machine is UL certified which proves how efficient and powerful this product is. Some of its characteristics are:

  • Motor – This oil-cooled electric motor will pull out water continuously with minimal maintenance
  • Submersible – The fully submersible product will ensure that you can place it underwater up to 23-ft
  • Power Cable – The power cable measures 25-ft. As well as, it’s also fully waterproof
Important Features To Remember
  • It has a capacity of 3432 gallons per hour
  • It can fit pipes that measure 1″,G1″,1-1/4″,G1-1/2″
  • The water has to be at least 3-inch high for the pump to operate
Automatic Shut-off

In order to ensure longevity, you will find that the pump will automatically shut-off once the water levels have reached below 3-inch. Therefore, you don’t have to stay by it, whenever it’s operating. Above all, you have 30-days to decide whether you’re happy with the quality of the pump. If you’re not, you can send it back and receive either an exchange or a full refund.

  • Fully submersible
  • Made of thick plastic
  • Made by US experts

Limited warranty period


Without a doubt, this model is one of the best models on the market due to the fact that it has a powerful motor. The thick plastic construction will ensure quality as the years pass. In addition to this, it has a low-profile design and a fairly quiet operation so it won’t bring unnecessary attention to itself.

 Fibropool Cover Drain Pump Image

8. Fibropool Cover Drain Pump

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This pump has been designed for both in-ground and above-ground pools. It has a capability of up to 600 gallons per hour which means that it will get rid of water fast without any hustle. The heavy-duty ABS housing will maintain quality throughout the years as it’s impact-resistant and weatherproof. The 16 ft power cord will allow you to place it wherever you wish.

High Capacity Pump

It also comes with a 16 ft drainage hose that will remove water from any pool depth. Please bear in mind that in order to shut it off, you will have to manually do it. Some of its features are:

  • Versatile – This machine is suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools
  • Wall Outlet – In order to make it function, you will need to plug it into a standard 110-volt wall outlet
  • Material – The thick ABS casing is weather and impact-resistant. This means that you will enjoy it for many years
Energy-efficient Operation

It has been noted that you can use this machine continuously even for days as you won’t see significant spikes in your electricity bill. In addition to this, due to the fact that it has a lightweight design, it will not weigh down the pool cover. Thus, you can allow it to operate even if you’re not at home.

  • Fully submersible
  • Made of impact-resistant materials
  • Easy to set up

No automatic features


This is another excellent model due to the fact that it will remove the water fast. It’s fully submersible which means that you don’t have to babysit it whilst operating. As well as, it requires little to no maintenance.

Ocean Blue 195091 Image

7. Ocean Blue 195091

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This pump is completely submersible and it also doesn’t get clogged. This pump has the ability to remove up to 250 gallons of water per hour to within 3/4” of the pool cover. By considering this model you will be covered by 1-year warranty period against any damages.

Easy Maintenance

This unit is easy to maintain due to the fact that it has been designed with one detachable part. Unlike the majority models that are currently on the market, you can use this machine for clean or dirty water. This machine has been designed with:

  • Filter – The washable mesh filter will ensure the longevity of the machine as it won’t allow large debris to get stuck into the product
  • Power Cord – The 25 ft power cord will allow you to use this machine in swimming pools, ponds, and other water features
  • Hose – You can connect this to your standard garden hose as it comes with a hose fitting adapter
Fully Submersible Operation

As this is one of the bestseller, you will be able to use it regardless of your needs. Therefore, you can fully submerge the machine and the power cord without worrying about your safety. Some of its traits are:

  • Energy-efficient – The company has highlighted that this uses less than half of electricity than other models that are on the market
  • Base – The stabilizing base will prevent it from falling over regardless of the conditions that it’s in
  • Capacity – This machine will be able to remove the water even if it’s positioned vertically
  • Fully submersible
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to use

No automatic features


The reason why we recommend this model is due to the fact that it’s easy to use and to maintain. In order to maintain efficiency, the only thing that you will need to do is to clean the filter as much as you can. The pump will be able to remove a large amount of water with ease.

 Blue Wave Dredger Jr. NW2300 Image

6. Blue Wave Dredger Jr. NW2300

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This model has a capacity of 350 gallons per hour. Thus, it will remove water fast without too much hustle. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that you don’t have to invest further as it comes with a reusable foam inlet filter and a stabilizing base platform. Thus, you can allow it to operate without babysitting it. By considering this model you will be covered by 1-Year warranty period against any additional costs.

Practical Design

The reason why this model is preferred all over the world is that unlike the other models, it comes with a manual on/off. Hence, if something happens, you can bypass the system with ease. Some of its characteristics are:

  • Capacity – It has the ability to remove water to within 1/8-inch deep
  • Convenient – You can connect it to your own garden hose due to the fact that it comes with a hose adapter
  • Power Cord – You can use this machine for a flooded yard as it comes with a waterproof 25 ft power cord
Safe and Durable

You can rely on the quality of the machine for numerous years due to the fact that it has been UL approved. Similarly, to the other models in this review, you will find that even though it’s small, it’s one of the most powerful on the market. You can use this pump for:

  • Spa
  • Basement
  • Garden
  • Pool

As you can see, by considering this model, you will get the most for your money. Additionally, you can easily transport it from place to place even if you have limited mobility. Furthermore, the stabilizing platform will withstand tough weather conditions.

  • Fully submersible
  • Numerous accessories included
  • Suitable to leave it unattended

No automatic shut-off


Without a doubt this model can easily remove any unwanted water from the winter pool cover. Thus, you no longer have to worry about doing it manually. It’s also UL approved which means that you can purchase in confidence.

Superior Pump 91250 Image

5. Superior Pump 91250

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This is a multinational cover pump that can help you remove the water from the swimming pool, but also from the basement or the fountain. Although it features a compact design, it can successfully remove up to 30 gallons per minute, being able to lift water up to 25 feet vertically. At the same time, it can easily fit into a small opening of 6 inches and it features a clog-resistant suction.

Independently Tested

This machine has proved its efficiency as it has been tested by independent laboratories. This is why this unit is UL/CUL listed and CSA certified. This means that it’s not only powerful, but it’s also safe to use extensively. Some of its characteristics are:

  • Motor – The 1/4-horsepower motor has the capacity of dealing with all sorts of floods in your basement or yard, eliminating the water with minimum effort
  • Material – The tough thermoplastic construction allows this pump to be fully submersible. Thus, you don’t have to babysit it while it’s operating
  • Split Capacity Motor – The pump can be switched from optional float to a sump pump
Important Features To Remember
  • Accessories – The pump comes with a 10-feet cord and 3/4-inch hose adapter
  • Capacity – It can remove up to 1800 gallons per hour
  • Intakes – It has water intakes on the top and on the sides of the machine
Corrosion-resistant Construction

Even though you fully submerse the machine for many years, the quality will remain the same. Even if you use it for a flooded yard, you don’t have to worry about your safety as the power cord is fully waterproof. Thus, even if it requires electricity, you don’t have to babysit it. Above all, this model is backed by 1-year warranty period. Thus, you will be covered against reparation costs.

  • Fully submersible
  • UL/CUL listed and CSA certified
  • One of the most affordable on the market

No automatic shut-off


This is one of the best sellers due to the fact that the corrosion-resistant thermoplastic construction is a very strong material that makes it very resistant. It also comes with a hose adapter and it is covered by a 1-year warranty. However, please remember that it doesn’t automatically shut-off which means that you will have to do it manually once the operation is finished.



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The WaterBUG is a remarkable cover pump that can effectively remove up to 1257 gallons of water per hour. The Multi-Flo technology is an innovative feature that gives you the possibility to choose from 2 discharging options: top discharge for tight spaces and side discharge from flat open surfaces. In addition, the multi ring suction strainer helps it stay stable all the time while increasing its ability to filter the debris. By considering this model, you will be covered by 1-year warranty period.

Fully Submersible Operation

The WaterBUG is fully submersible and it features a sealed thermoplastic construction. As it has been made in the US, this model has been crafted with innovative features such as:

  • Multi-flo Technology – This setting will ensure an easy selection of a suitable discharge for a particular application. For example, the top discharge is suitable for tight spaces. As well as, the side discharge is suitable for flooded basements, flat roofs, and pools
  • Multi-ring Suction – This patent pending feature will minimize the possibility of the unit getting clogged
  • Hang Storage – You can store this machine by hanging it on the wall so it takes up minimal storage space
Powerful and Fast
  • Flow – The maximum flow rate is of 1257 gallons per hour
  • Power – It can remove water from a flooded space down to 1/16-inch
  • Capacity – It also has a capacity of 986 gallons per hour at a 10-feet distance
Multi-purpose Use

Due to its superior functionality, you will be able to use it for more than just your pool. Therefore, numerous people, all over the world, have vouched for this pump. For example, you can use this in your yard to remove standing water and eliminate the risk of mosquitoes reproducing in your garden. Above all, it has a fairly quiet functionality so you will barely hear it. Even though it’s compact, this little guy has an incredible force.

  • Removes water down to 1/16 inches
  • High volume model
  • Fully submersible

Not one of the fastest on the market


This is another popular model because it has a thermoplastic construction which means that the same high-efficiency will remain over the years. Even though the warranty isn’t one of the best on the market, the customer service will deal with whatever concerns or questions you may have about the product. Furthermore, it has the ability to filter a large amount of debris which means that you don’t have to sweep up after the machine.

Little Giant APCP-1700 Image

3. Little Giant APCP-1700

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Another high-end option that you will find a delight working with is the APCP-1700, a cover pump that will effectively remove all the water that gathers so that you do not have to do this chore yourself anymore. The powerful 1/3 HP motor that it features ensures a smooth and reliable operation. Also, due to the fact that it is energy efficient, you won’t have to worry about the operational costs.

Smart and Efficient

With a maximum flow rate of 1700 gallons per hour, you are ensured that it can effectively handle the water removal. It’s also UL listed which means that you can rely on it for safety. Whilst this product is operating, you can go on with your day. Some of its features are:

  • Screen – You will be able to remove the cover for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Pump – The automatic pump will remove the standing water from the pool cover
  • Float Switch – This model has been designed with an integrated safety feature
Important Factors To Remember
  • It can pump up to 1745 gallons per hour
  • You will be covered by 3-Years warranty
  • The power cord measures 25 feet
  • It can connect to a ¾” garden hose
Energy-efficient Operation

By considering this model you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill going up. In fact, it has been noted that your bill will remain constant without sharp rises. The reason for this is because this product has been engineered with numerous convenience features. Some of these particularities are:

  • Base – The wide base design will ensure the machine will remain stable even in high winds
  • Discharge – In order to ensure that the water is removed, this machine has been designed with a side discharge
  • Powerful – The pump activates in as little as 2” water
  • Built-in handle makes it easy to move
  • Reliable automatic operation
  • Side discharge ensures an optimal water removal

Customer service could be improved


This is another popular model because it comes with a removable intake screen that makes it easy for you to clean and maintain the device. In addition, the integrated float switch that it features ensures a constant and reliable operation.

Little Giant 5-APCP Image

2. Little Giant 5-APCP

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The Little Giant is an automatic pump that can efficiently remove up to 1200 gallons of water per hour. It features a durable construction and it can be connected to a standard garden hose without any inconvenience. It’s also fully submersible which means that it will clean all of the debris and dirt efficiently.

Convenient and Practical

Furthermore, another great thing about it is the fact that it has an automatic shut-off switch, so after it finishes removing all the unwanted water it turns off. In addition to this, the pool cover will prevent the prolonged accumulation of rain and melting snow. It also comes with a 25-foot power cord.
Some of its characteristics are:

  • Switch – The automatic switch will turn on when the water level is at or above 3 ¼” and automatically turn off when the water level drops 1 ¾”
  • Safe – The pump is CSA listed which means that you can rely on it for a long period of time
  • Plastic Screen – You don’t have to worry about the pump getting clogged as there’s a plastic screen which will prevent leaves and debris from entering
Highly Efficient

The reason why this product stands out is because it has an automatic and manual operation which means that it can suit whatever needs you may have. In addition to this, it has the ability to manually pump the water down to a level of 1/8”. Some of its features are:

  • High Capacity – This model has a capacity of filtering up to 1200 gallons per hour
  • Portability – You can store it and move it as much as you want as the design is made for you to easily pick it up
  • Energy-efficient – You can leave it operating for as long as you wish because your energy bill will not go up
  • 1/6 HP motor
  • High volume model
  • Garden hose adapter included

One of the most expensive on the market


This is another model that we recommend because it’s reliable for many years to come. In addition to this, it has a high flow-rate which means that it will get the job done fast and efficiently. Also, the power cord will allow you to position it according to your needs and specifications. Last, but not least, the stabilizing plate helps it hold still, during all the water removal process.



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You have to get rid of the water that gathers on the pool cover, otherwise, you risk the cover to break and the dirt to fall inside the swimming pool. Your best option is clearly the WAPC250 as it is able of clearing up to 3000 gallons of water per hour from the cover, thus ensuring that no matter how heavy it rains, the gunk-filled water won’t enter the pool.


The best indicator of the pump’s durability is the 3-year warranty provided by the manufacturing company, Wayne. The manufacturer tips at the quality and durability of the product through this lengthy warranty as it ensures to cover all costs involved in case replacement or repairs are needed. Other lifespans lengthening features it includes are a check valve which reduces the occurrence of repetitive cycling, and a strainer base which filters out debris in order to reduce clogging.

iSwitch Technology

You want the pump to be as convenient to use as possible, and due to the iSwitch technology it utilizes, the WAPC250 provides just that. The purpose of this feature is to ensure it will automatically turn on when it senses the presence of water on the cover of the pool. Additionally, when the water clears and the cover is dry, it turns off on its own. Thus, it won’t ever run for longer than needed, and you won’t need to keep a close eye on the situation of the cover either as it will tend to the issue on its own.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Does not require oiling or any other time-consuming maintenance work.
  • When a 1.25-inch drain hose is utilized, it provides a 3000 gallons per hour flow rate.
  • Intuitive operation – any difficulties you are confronted with are surely covered in detail in the accompanying user manual.
Included Content

When you pay for a product, especially when a generous amount of money is involved, you expect it to come with everything you need. Luckily, this is the case with our Wayne entry as, although it costs a pretty penny upfront, at least it comes with all the accessories needed, thus sparing you of any additional purchases. The additional content that comes in the package includes a 25-foot power cord that you should plug into a GFCI outlet, a 3/4 –inch garden hose adapter, and a 25-foot role that you can use to pull the pump to the edge of the pool to take it out with ease.

  • Fully submersible
  • Check-valve with 3/4-inch garden hose adapter
  • Designed with advanced features

Customer service could be better


The reason why we recommend this model is due to the fact that when it comes to energy efficiency, you needn’t worry that running it will raise costs too much as it is a low-consumption model. Furthermore, there are features which accompany the pump that hint to its durability, like the automatic freeze protection which ensures low temperatures won’t damage it. What makes it so effective in its operation is the fact that a 1/4 HP motor powers it.

Top 5 Comparison

1. WAYNE WAPC250 2. Little Giant 5-APCP 3. Little Giant APCP-1700 4. WAYNE WWB WaterBUG 5. Superior Pump 91250
WAYNE WAPC250 Image Little Giant 5-APCP Image Little Giant APCP-1700 Image WAYNE WWB WaterBUG Image Superior Pump 91250 Image
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
Maximum Flow Rate
3000 GPH 1200 GPH 1700 GPH 1257 GPH 30 gallons per minute
Motor Capacity
1/4 HP 1/6 HP 1/3 HP 1/6 HP 1/4 HP
Garden Hose Adapter Included
Size Of Power Cord
25-foot 25-foot 25-foot 10-foot 10-foot
Energy-efficient Operation
3-Years 1-Year 3-Years 1-Year 1-Year

How To Raise pH In Pool

If you own an in-ground pool, you will need to winterize it during the cold seasons to protect it. Sure, summer ending is an inconvenience to numerous people, but the good news is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into preparing your pool for the winter. If you do it correctly, you will ensure years of durability. Some winters can be very harsh and if your pool is left stranded, you risk facing having to pay thousands of dollars to repair the damages.

To learn how to do the process properly, take a look at the steps below:

Step 1 – Check The Chemistry – Ensure that all of the chemicals are balanced such as pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. This is an important step as it will protect the edges of the pool from staining. Add a winterized chemical kit to keep it blue and clear until the next season.

Step 2 – Protect The Skimmer – Lower the water below the mouth of the skimmer as the water will expand when it freezes so it will put a lot of pressure on the mouth of the skimmer. If you have vinyl-liner pools, you can add a plastic dam over the mouth of the skimmer to prevent the liner from floating on the water’s surface.

Step 3 – Clear The Plumbing – Remove the water from the plumbing lines. If you wish, you can blow the water out from each line from the filter system. Put a plugin the lines at the pool end. Ensure that the use a plug that will not freeze in harsh temperatures.

Step 4 – Drain The Filter – If you look, you will notice a plug at the bottom of the filter to allow the water to drain. Make sure that you also open the air relief valve at the top if there is one.

When you drain the pump, make sure that you run it for a maximum of 2 seconds. The reason for this is because it can burn the seal fast. You should also ensure that chemicals such as chlorine and bromine have run out of the feeder.

Step 5 – Drain The Other Equipment – Drain the heater, filter equipment, or automatic cleaner pump from any remaining water. Remove all of the plugs to ensure that it’s properly drained. It’s important that you don’t put the plugs back as it will prevent any built-up water from draining properly.

Step 6 – Cover The Pool – Remember to cover the pool. It will prevent debris from entering the pool. Whatever cover you use depends on your needs. All of the covers are good but it’s just a matter of fact of which one you prefer.


Best overall: WAYNE WAP250

We back our number one pick once again, as WAYNE WAP250 has no real competitor on the market yet. What recommends it and makes us trust it so much is the fact that it provides a maximum flow rate of 3,000 gallons per hour, as well as its astounding energy efficient operation. Yes, as unlikely as it may seem considering the brute force it delivers, this is actually a product which does not consume much energy to run.

Best of all, this model comes with a generous warranty period which means that the company will cover any repair costs or exchange it with a new unit.

Best for versatility: Little Giant 5-APCP

Another option worth taking into consideration is the Little Giant 5-APCP of course, a cover pump which we recommend to anyone searching the market as it utilizes a strong 1/6 horsepower motor. Of course, we cannot overlook the fact that it is highly energy efficient as well, meaning that it will not cost you a ton of money to run it.

Perhaps, if safety is the main concern, you should also consider this model because it has been independently tested to prove how safe it is. Hence, this model is CSA listed. This proves that you can allow the machine to run without you having to babysit it.

Best for quality-price: Pumps Away BS 27316

If you are on a budget, the product we advise you to go for is the Pumps Away BS 27316, a cheap yet effective pump that delivers a 350 GPH flow rate. In addition to this, this unit is suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools.

As well as, this is another model that has been independently tested to prove its safety and efficiency.