Pool Cleaner Vacuum

Keeping the pool clean can prove to be a real challenge no matter the time of the year because dirt and debris seem to make an appearance in it almost instantly. A lot of time is wasted on this chore, which leaves little time to enjoy actually using the pool. Fortunately, tech advancements have come a long way, providing fast and simple solutions to household chores such as cleaning the pool. With the help of a pool vacuum cleaner, for example, you will be done with this annoying and time-consuming task in no time. To help you make the best choice when buying such a product, we have ranked the best models on the market in the comparison table below.

Top 5 Pool Cleaner Vacuum Comparison

  1. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 2. Baracuda G3 W03000 3. Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly 4. XtremepowerUS 75037 5. Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Vac

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Zodiac Zodiac Pentair XtremepowerUS Water Tech
Dimensions (L x W x H) 20″ x 10″ x 22.8″ 18″ x 8″ 41.5″ 17″ x 7″ x 41.5″ 18″ x 6″ x 41″ 8.4″ x 8.4″ x 18.3″
Weight 15.6 Lbs 19 Lbs 17 Lbs 12 Lbs 5.9 Lbs
Type Pressure Side Cleaner Suction Side Cleaner Suction Side Cleaner Suction Side Cleaner Cordless Cleaner
Operation Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Manual


Power Source Powered by the pressure from the main circulation pump Sucks up debris by using the main filtration pump of the pool Sucks up debris by using the main filtration pump of the pool Sucks up debris by using the main filtration pump of the pool Powered by nickel metal hybrid battery
Pool Size All Sizes All Sizes All Sizes Up to 16′ x 34′ All Sizes
Pool Type In-Ground In-Ground In-Ground In-Ground In-Ground and Above Ground
Pool Surface All Surfaces Tile, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Gunite Vinyl, Gunite, Fiberglass, Tile, Plaster All Surfaces All Surfaces
Cleaning Cycle 3 Hours 6 Hours 4-6 Hours 4-6 Hours N/A
Cleaning Areas Floors, Walls, Steps Floors, Walls, Waterline Floors, Walls, Waterline Floors, Walls, Steps Floors, Walls, Waterline, Steps
Technology All-Wheel Belt Drive Diaphragm with One Moving Part Technology One Moving Part Technology One Moving Part Technology Battery Operated

Features & Accessories

  TailSweep PRO Compatibility 36-Fin Disc Dive Float Superior Suction and Moving Cone Technology
  3 Venturi Jets Wheel Deflector Roller Strap   Crevice Corner Nozzle
  Classic Tires Quick-Release Cassette Automatic Regulator Valve   45-Minute Runtime
  Single Chamber Filter Bag 1.5″ Valve Inlet Wings   Smart Charger
  2.25″ Valve Inlet       Reusable Multilayer Filter
  Automatic Back-Up       Ergonomic Handles
          Push-Button Start
          225W Power Rating


Product Warranty 10-Year Warranty for Frame; 1-Year Warranty for Parts 1 Year 1 Year 90-Day 1 Year
Customer Support
User Manual

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Image

1. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360

This is automatic vacuum receives the power that it needs to operate from the main circulation pump of the pool. It is easy to connect it to the dedicated pressure line, meaning that you won’t have a hard time setting it up. The 31-foot long hose allows you to clean the pool with ease, no matter how big it is. The all-wheel belt drive mechanism that it features ensures that it will have an easy time crossing the surfaces of the pool and vacuuming them. It also features triple venturi jets and an advanced cleaning technology that allow it to do an amazing job at removing even bacteria from these surfaces. In addition, the frame of the product is covered by a 10-year warranty, while the parts are backed up for one year by the manufacturer.

Cleaning Action

There are three cleaning tasks to which this pool cleaner tends to, more precisely sweeping, scrubbing, and vacuuming the surfaces of the pool. Thus, you are ensured that regardless of what type of gunk or debris is littering the pool’s water and surfaces, it will be removed by the cleaner. To function, it draws its power from the pressure of the clean water which returns to the pool, thus protecting the skimmer and the filter as no contaminants enter into contact with them anymore. Its cleaning action is obviously boosted by the all-wheel belt drive mechanism it uses, a mechanism which ensures not only a high efficiency when it comes to coverage, but when it comes to cleaning cycle duration as it delivers a high amount of torque.

Pool Type Compatibility

Is your pool round or square shaped? This is a question you usually have to ask before buying a pool cleaner to eliminate the possibility for it to not be able to tackle cleaning the surfaces as the shape and corners present an impediment. With the 360, you needn’t worry about this aspect, however, as it is designed to clean all types of pools, regardless of their shape or surface type. It isn’t limited when it comes to pool size either, so regardless how large the water body is, this cleaner will be able to handle it.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Features a unique filter bag that helps prolong the lifespan of the filtration system by removing the debris it encounters before it reaches the filter or basket of the pool.
  • Performs three cleaning actions at once for optimal results – sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums.
  • Ensures an uninterrupted cleaning session due to the in-line backup valve it features.

Lightweight and compact in size, you will have an easy time getting this cleaner out of storage when the time comes to get rid of debris found in the pool. It weighs only 15.6 pounds, so you don’t need anyone’s help when putting it inside the pool or taking it out. Furthermore, as it measures only 20 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 22.8 inches in height, you won’t have any trouble finding a storage space for it.

  • Perfect for use in any type of in-ground pool, regardless of its size
  • Cleaning cycle only takes about 3 hours
  • Built-in back-up valve helps free it when it is cornered
  • Can clean the steps of the pool as well
  • Backed by a lengthy 10-year warranty for the frame, and a 1-year warranty for parts and labor

Customer service could be better


As it is our top pick, our opinion on the Vac-Sweeop 360 is more than obvious. Compatible with all types of inground pools of all sizes, and boasting a more than reliable operation as it thoroughly clean the pool in only 3 hours, this vacuum is a must-have for any pool owner who wants to swim in sanitary conditions without putting too much effort into keeping the water and surface of the pool clean.

Baracuda G3 W03000 Image

2. Baracuda G3 W03000

The G3 W03000 is our favorite model on the market for a good reason, this amazing automatic suction-side cleaner doing a great job at removing all the dirt and debris that it encounters on the floors, walls, and waterline of the pool. It is designed to clean in-ground pools of all sizes that are made from tiles, vinyl, fiberglass, or gunite.

Highly Powerful

sucks up the debris and dirt that it finds by using the main filtration pump of the pool, all that you have to do to set it up is to attach the disk, the wheel deflector, and the hose, and connect them to the dedicated suction line. Some of its particularities are:

  • Wheel Deflector – The wheel deflector that we have mentioned earlier enables it to have a superior coordination when it comes to cleaning corners
  • Fin Disc – The 36-fin disc that it features has the role of ensuring maximum adhesion no matter the surface of the pool
  • Moving Technology – The reliable one moving part technology that it boasts eliminates the need for wheels, gears, or flappers to accommodate a silent and low-cost operation

User-friendly Design

No tools are required for this set-up, making it easy even for those who are not handy at all to do this task. Also, it eliminates hang-ups on drain covers, fittings, or lights, allowing you to tend to other tasks while it does its job without worrying that it might encounter problems along the way. Some of its features:

  • Quick-release Cassette – It features an impressive quick-release cassette that provides quick and easy access to the diaphragm for easy maintenance
  • Flow Control – The self-adjusting flow control valve will automatically regulate water flow, in order to ensure performance even with lower horsepower pumps
  • Quiet-operation – You can allow it to function throughout the day and morning as it has a whisper-quiet operation


This model is one of the most efficient models even if it has been designed with one moving part. This means that there are no gears, wheels, or flappers. Thus, the maintenance is minimal. In addition to this, it cleans automatically which means that it will remove dirt, debris, bugs, and twigs. Due to the fact that it’s pre-assembled, it doesn’t require any tools to install or to operate. When it comes to warranty, you will be pleased to know that you will be covered by a 1-Year warranty period.

  • Features a 36-fin disc which ensures it will adhere to any pool surface without a problem
  • Can be used in pools of all sizes and shapes
  • Wheel deflector enables it to easily clean tight corners
  • Can be used to clean the waterline of the pool
  • Quick-release cassette ensures easy maintenance

One of the highest priced products in this niche


Although it does come at a rather spicy price, this vacuum is hard to surpass in terms of suction power. One of its main highlights is the fact that it can even be used for the waterline of the pool, as well as the floors and walls, which means that it provides a thorough and complete cleaning of the water body.

Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Image

3. Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly

While it does come at a more reasonable price than the previous two models we talked about, the 360042 Kreepy Krauly does not sacrifice performance at all. This automatic suction-side cleaner comes with a 40-foot long hose that enables it to clean in-ground pool of all sizes. Best of all, it is covered by the manufacturer for one year, during this period of time any defects that appear being repaired free of charge.

Smart Design

It lacks a filter bag because it uses the main filtration pump of the pool to suck up the debris, meaning that there is less maintenance work to worry about. It does not feature parts such as wheels, gears, or diaphragms that need continuous replacement or repair, making it the perfect choice for those who tend to be forgetful and negligent with their appliances. Some of its features are:

  • Installation – It installs in minutes and the set-up itself does not require any tools, so you will have an easy time with this procedure
  • Automatic – The regulator valve that it features automatically adjusts the water flow in order to set the ideal speed, thus ensuring maximum cleaning performance at all times
  • Wings – The wings that it comes with are specially designed to channel the dirt and debris into the cleaner, making sure that every inch of the pool will be spotless

Important Features To Remember

  • Another impressive feature of this model is the dive float that helps it navigate through the pool with ease
  • By considering this model, there are no wheels or gears to replace
  • You can install the product within minutes without the help of a professional
  • It has sufficient suction power in order to remove large or small debris

Cleaning Performance

Due to the fact that it is designed to tackle vinyl, tile, plaster, gunite, or fiberglass pools in only 4-6 hours, it won’t take long before you will be able to finally jump in the pool to swim and cool off. Even though it doesn’t have a pump, you will notice that it has the same cleaning capacity as the one with a pump. What stands out about this product is the fact that it’s one of the most efficient on the market whilst consuming a small amount of electricity. This means that even if it cleans everything, you don’t have to worry about your energy bill going up. Due to the fact that it has a regulator valve, the machine will automatically set its speed so you can use it even if you’ve never used such a product before.


The reason why we recommend this product is because it has been in order to help you with pool maintenance at a convenient price. If you want a powerful product yet you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, you should consider purchasing this model. In addition to this, it has an automatic function which means that you can do other stuff whilst the cleaning machine is operating. Since it has one operational part, you will be able to enjoy the same efficiency for numerous years to come.

  • Silent operation is granted by its one moving part technology
  • It can maneuver around obstacles without tipping over due to the roller strap it features
  • It features wings which are specially designed to channel dirt and debris into the vacuum
  • Can be used to clean the waterline of the pool
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty

Can take as much as 6 hours for it to complete the cleaning cycle


Even though it takes a bit longer for it to finish cleaning a large-sized pool, this Pentair vacuum is still a great option to go for as it ensures a thorough cleaning. Due to features like the wings which gather debris and dirt, or the roller strap that ensures it doesn’t tip over during the cleaning cycle, it is one of the best performing products you will encounter.

XtremepowerUS 75037 Image

4. XtremepowerUS 75037

Products and appliances that are made in the U.S.A. generally excel when it comes to raw power and performance, this being easy to see when you look at the 75037. It is easy to set up, taking only minutes for you to be done with its installation and start using it. The 33-foot hose that it features enables it to clean in-ground pools that measure up to 16 feet by 34 feet. Due to the fact that it is specially designed to clean all types of pool surfaces, you can rest assured that it will effectively tackle cleaning the floors, walls, and steps of your pool as well. A full cleaning cycle takes between 4 to 6 hours, a time during which you can tend to other tasks and leave it to do its job unsupervised. The one moving part technology that it boasts eliminates the need for flappers, wheels, or gears, allowing a silent and low-cost operation that you will definitely enjoy. Due to its superior suction and moving capability, it will be able to remove even the bacteria that lay on the surfaces of your pool. Unfortunately, it is backed up for only 90 days by the manufacturer, which is considerably less than what other top of the line models have to offer.

  • Can be used in pools measuring up to 16 feet by 34 feet
  • Works for all types of pool surfaces
  • Can even clean the steps of the pool
  • Automatic operation makes your life a lot easier as you are not needed all that much to clean the pool
  • Weighs only 12 pounds – easy to carry in and oput of storage when needed

Not as feature-rich as other products in its niche


An automatic vacuum that makes your life easier as it ensures you won’t be needed all that much when it comes to cleaning the pool, it is one of our favorites as it delivers a powerful suction and great stability, being able to even clean sensitive areas like the steps of the pool.

Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Vac Image

5. Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Vac

Our reviews of the best products of this kind on the market end with the impressive Water Tech Pool, a vacuum that comes at an astoundingly low price and that performs exceptionally well. This is a cordless model that you will use to remove any dirt and debris that lays on the floors, walls, steps, or waterline of the pool. It is great for pools of all sizes and all types of surfaces, so you know for sure that it will be perfect for your pool as well. Best of all, it is designed to clean both in-ground and above ground pools. The light weight will make it easy to operate it, so you do not have to worry that you might get tired after a cleaning session. It is battery powered, using a nickel metal hybrid battery that fully recharges in 3 to 4 hours and that provides no less than 45 minutes of continuous use. The push-button start ensures that you won’t encounter problems when it comes to operating it. Also, the ergonomic handle that it features makes it pleasurable to use it. It comes with a crevice corner nozzle that will allow you to effectively clean the corners of the pool. It features a reusable multilayer filter that helps save money in the long run. It has a 225W power rating and it comes with a smart charger that replenishes the power of the battery once it is drained. In addition, it is covered by a 1-year warranty.

  • Best budget selection – comes at an affordable price
  • Push-button start makes it extremely easy to use
  • Can provide a continuous operation for up to 45 minutes before it needs to be charged again
  • Crevice corner nozzle enables you to clean tight corners
  • Battery powered – independent of the pool’s pump

Manually operated – you are 100% needed for the cleaning process


The manual profile of this vacuum might seem a bit discouraging, but if you are on a budget, you like to handle chores on your own, or you want to protect the pool’s filtration pump, you won’t find this flaw as being all that important as the positives clearly outweigh the negatives.

As the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 pressure side cleaner did best on our tests, we had to prize it with a well-deserved number 1 spot in our top. Its automatic operation takes all hassle off of your hands when the time comes to clean the pool, while the 3-hour cleaning cycle ensures you won’t have to sit inside all day long waiting for it to finish so that you may swim and cool off in the swimming pool. There are more than enough upsides to this product to list, something that we have covered in the previous reviews section of the article. Another noteworthy product is the Baracuda G3 W03000 that we personally prefer the most as it comes at a reasonable price and delivers a hard to top performance. It is designed to work in pools of all sizes, and a complete cleaning cycle lasts for approximately 6 hours. Sure, it might take a while for it to finish, but considering the thorough cleaning it provides, it is worth the wait. Of course, we must mention the Water Tech Pool Blaster Speed Vac once more as this high-end manual cordless pool cleaner comes at an affordable price and eases your work when it comes down to cleaning the pool. For those who are on a budget, it is the ideal option.