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Aquabot Elite

A fast-growing market that is in high demand in the modern times that we live in is the robotic pool cleaner market. After all, it does not hurt to have a robotic device that cleans the pool entirely on its own at your disposal. If you are looking for such a device, we recommend that you give the Aquabot Elite robotic pool cleaner a try. In addition to this, it comes with a lot of features that help minimize the cost of keeping your inground pool clean. Therefore, it makes up for the money that you spend on it in no time. This model is designed to clean in-ground pools of all shapes that measure up to 60 feet in length. To learn more about its capabilities and what it has to offer to those who purchase it, continue to read this review.

Cleaning Performance

The Elite robotic pool cleaner offers 100% pool coverage, cleaning the floor, walls, and waterline thoroughly. Also, the EverGrip rubber tracks allow it to avoid obstacles. It can filter up to 70 gallons of water per minute.

  • AquaSmart 2.0 microprocessor – It features controlled intelligent cleaning due to the fact that it uses the AquaSmart 2.0 microprocessor. The microprocessor maps the pool to ensure that the robot will take the shortest path to clean it
  • Timer – It comes with a built-in timer that enables you to set it to clean the pool every 2, 3, or 4 days. Also, the timer allows you to program it to clean in 1, 1.5, and 2-hour increments
  • JetForce Technology – It maintains high suction even when large debris is encountered
  • Anti-tangle – The 360-degree anti-tangle swivel that it features allows peace of mind, ensuring that the robotic cleaner won’t get tangled in its cord while operating

In addition, it uses 3 powerful brushes that allow complete and professional cleaning of the pool. Two of the brushes spin in order to power scrub the pool surface. The third brush, which is the CleanSweep brush, rapidly oscillates back and forth to dislodge stubborn debris and contaminants.

Aquabot Elite Image

Design and accessories

Boasting a modern and innovative design, it separates itself from the previous models produced by Aquabot, and it makes it stand out from its competition as well. It weighs only 39.6 pounds, which places it among the lighter models on the market. It measures 20.8 inches in length, 20.5 inches in height, and 18.5 inches in width. The cable measures 60 feet in length. Also, it comes with a convenient storage and transport caddy.

Ease of use

For easy transport and storage, it comes with a storage and transport caddy. Nonetheless, the materials used are durable yet lightweight which means that you don’t need such an accessory in the first place. Some of its features are:

  • Weight – Fortunately, the ergonomic lightweight design allows for easy handling. Therefore, it won’t be hard to pull the robot out of the water
  • Indicator – It features a full cartridge indicator that announces you when it is time to empty the cartridge
  • Access – Another impressive feature that makes it convenient to use is the fact that you do not need to remove it out of the water to access the filter

Aquabot Elite Image

Operating costs

This robot pool cleaner uses state of the art 24V DC motors that provide impressive power while keeping its energy efficient. This model runs on just 180W, meaning that the operational cost per hour is of only 5 cents. What makes it so energy efficient is the fact that it features the AquaSmart 2.0 microprocessor. Its characteristics are:

  • Pool-mapping System – This helps the pool cleaner avoid obstacles, it minimizes overlapping cleaning paths, and it calculates the shortest path that the device must follow to clean the entire pool
  • Rubber Tracks – It features EverGrip continuous rubber tracks that provide better balance, weight distribution, and traction. Due to the fact that it uses these innovative tracks, you can rest assured that the product won’t have trouble going up the walls or any other surface of the pool
  • Cartridges – Easy and fast to remove due to the fact that the large access door swings open fast. This allows you to simply pull the cartridges out, clean them, and put them back easily once you are done cleaning them

Warranty and Support

The 3-year warranty of the Aquabot Elite shows how much the manufacturer trusts this product. During the warranty period, any defects and issues that appear with the product and that are covered by the warranty agreement will be fixed free of charge. Also, you can try the product out for 30 days after purchase. In case you are not satisfied with it during this period of time, you can return it and the money that you have spent on it will be refunded to you. To receive help regarding the operation of the robotic device, you can contact the customer support team on the telephone number or e-mail address that appear on the manufacturer’s website.

Aquabot Elite Image

Final Thoughts

If we were to make a list of reason why you should buy the Elite robotic pool cleaner produced by Aquabot, it would be too long. Thus, we will try to be more concise in our verdict regarding the operation of the robotic device, starting with a statement that we won’t ever take back, more precisely the fact that it is one of the best models on its market. Not only does it boast an ingenious, modern design that makes it a breeze for you to take the robot out of the water and place it back into its storage space when you are done using it, but it comes with a plethora of features that make it a high performing cleaning device.

One of the highlights of this robot is the fact that it comes with a timer function that you can set as you please, thus guaranteeing that it won’t take longer than you want for it to be done with thoroughly cleaning the pool. The JetForce technology that it uses ensures the perfect suction will be kept even when tackling large sized debris that other robotic cleaners might have trouble with. It does not have any trouble when it comes to cleaning pools of all shapes and sizes, so there are no limitations to its performance. Additionally, it is highly efficient when it comes to operational costs, adding only 5 cents to the bills for every hour when it is turned on.

Logan Hewitt
Logan Hewitt
Logan was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, one of the most affected American cities by pollution, experiencing firsthand the phenomenon’s dangers. He worked in retail for a small electronics shop for 5 years, where he had his first experience with air purifiers. With his interest in technologies that are meant to improve life quality and the technical skills he gained with the passing of time, Logan is able to provide readers with in-depth analysis of life-changing devices.