Aquabot ABT Turbo

Having the luxury of owning a pool does not mean that you simply jump into it as soon as you arrive home because some maintenance work is required to keep it safe and clean. Fortunately, this maintenance work can be dramatically decreased with the simple purchase of a robotic pool cleaner as this type of device handles cleaning the pool without requiring your help throughout the process. A model that we strongly recommend due to its amazing performance is the Aquabot ABT Turbo, a top of the line product that comes at a more expensive price but is worth the investment. It is designed to be used to clean in-ground pools of all shapes that measure up to 50 feet in length. Also, when it comes to surfaces, it can handle cleaning all types except for tile. Therefore, if you own a pool that is less than 50 feet long and if you are looking for an effective robot pool cleaner, check out the following lines to see what else this model has to offer to decide whether it is the best choice for you to go with or not.

Cleaning Performance

What we can assure you of is that it is one of the best performing models on the market. It is able to effectively clean the surfaces and water in less than 4 hours, no matter the size of the pool. During the cleaning cycle, it will handle removing the dirt and debris on the pool’s floor, walls, and waterline. Unfortunately, it cannot clean the steps, so once per week, you will have to brush them on your own. Some of its particularities are:

  • Microprocessor Technology – The many sensors that it comes with enable it to detect obstacles on the pool’s surfaces in order to avoid them. Best of all, the innovative microprocessor technology that it features makes it incredibly efficient as it helps it follow the most optimal path when cleaning the pool
  • Wheels – It uses non-marring wheels to cross the surfaces of the pool, wheels that give it a great stability
  • Filter – The fine filter bag that it features can capture debris as small as 2 microns

It has an amazing water mixing rate of 70 gallons per minute. In addition, it uses dual PVC scrubbing brushes that have a superior grip and that ensure not even the most stubborn debris will escape them.

Aquabot ABT Turbo Image

Design and Accessories

When you look at any product for the first time, you might not understand its capabilities fully, but you are able to notice important design aspects. It measures 21″ x 19″ x 18″ and it weighs 36 pounds, being one of the heavier models. Unfortunately, this will make it a bit difficult to get it out of the water when it is done cleaning the pool. The cable that it features is 60 feet long, enabling it to clean pools that measure up to 50 feet in length with ease. Unfortunately, it does not come with a transport caddy, an accessory that would have made it easier for you to transport it from the storage place to the pool.

Operating Costs

Unfortunately, the Aquabot ABT Turbo has a power consumption of 230 watts, which is more than what other models of this kind offer. But this should not discourage you from buying it as it actually helps you save a lot of money on chemicals that you normally would have needed to keep the pool clean. Also, it does come with many features that lower its operating costs. For example, it features a programmable timer that can be set between 1 and 7 hours of operation, or you can set it on the continuous run setting, depending on your preference. Also, it uses an amazing microprocessor technology and a series of sensors that collaborate to ensure the pool will be cleaned as fast as possible, thus saving on operational costs.

Aquabot ABT Turbo Image

Warranty and Support

It is backed up by the manufacturer for defects in materials and workmanship during the first two years since the purchase date. For you to be able to have it fixed or replaced free of charge, make sure that you check out the user manual that it comes with to avoid voiding the warranty by subjecting it to abusive or improper use. When you want to schedule it for repairs, or if you simply want to find out answers to any questions that you might have, you can contact the customer support department by calling the telephone number listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Final thoughts

While there are indeed many features and functions boasted by the MX8 that are worth praising, in our conclusion, we will mention only the ones that impressed us the most. The high rating that the product received should be a great reflection regarding its operation and capability to clean the pool thoroughly. This suction-side cleaner uses the maX-drive dual navigation that guarantees a great coverage of the pool, ensuring that no inch of the pool’s surface will be left unattended to. It is capable of climbing walls with ease due to the amazing X-Trax tires, a capability that not many products on this market boast. We have to mention its amazing efficient design that lowers costs so that you won’t have to spend a fortune on cleaning the pool with it. Overall, it is an investment worth making for any pool owner.