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A high-quality product will not only filter unpleasant odors but it can actually trap dust particles, thus preventing the appearance of dust mites.

Smoke Removal

If you are a smoker or you have friends who smoke when they visit you, it would be wise to invest in an air filter that features an activated carbon filter.

Room Size

Make sure to choose one that can cover the size of the room where you plan on using it. Some are suited for small rooms while others can cover even very large rooms.

November 6, 2020

Guide for Understanding pH and ORP

Two common terms that you will always stumble upon when searching for a water ionizer are pH and ORP. While with pH, chances are that you are somewhat familiarized with it, likely the same cannot be said about ORP. Here, we will get into explaining more about the two and what importance they have in an ionizer’s performance.
November 2, 2020

How Can You Reduce the AC Bill?

The AC is your best friend during the summer. But it can be pretty expensive to run, isn't it? Check out our article and find out some useful and practical tricks to reduce energy consumption. All it takes is a bit of effort from your part, but we guarantee that the results will be amazing and you will end up with a lot of money in your pocket.
October 31, 2020

Pool Winterizing Guide – When and How to Do It

When temperatures start dropping in fall, chances are that you won’t use the pool anymore. What you must do around this period of the year is to close the pool to minimize and prevent potential damage of chemical and physical nature to the pool parts. Here, we will teach you how to close or winterize it so that you service it properly and protect the costly components of the pool.
October 30, 2020

How to Build Your Own Outdoor Sauna

Is it difficult to build an outdoor sauna? It surely isn't the easiest job. But the results can be so rewarding. All your hard work will pay off as soon as you step foot inside and enjoy the most relaxing sweating session in your life. Plus, it is cheaper to build than buy, so check out the steps in our article and get it done.
October 30, 2020

Can Burglars Open Garage Doors?

How safe is your garage door? You've probably heard stories about burglars using garages as entry points into the house. But is it still happening? And are you prepared? Discover the details in our article and find out what improvements you can do.
October 29, 2020

Alkaline Water Myths and Facts

Drinking alkaline water is a trend, and most comapnies present their product as being able to completely turn your life. But are all these claims true or are you dealing with a bunch of myth that can be easily destroyed? Check out our article and learn what high-pH water can do for you and what it cannot.
October 27, 2020

Swimming Pool Temperature – Dangers, Safe Levels, Comfort Aspects

Does the water in your pool feel a bit too cold? Or maybe it isn't refreshing enough. The temperature is the one that sets the level of comfort, but it is an important factor for health as well. Find out how warm your pool should be to keep both the seniors and kids in your family safe.
October 26, 2020

Water Ionizer Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless if you are interested in buying a water ionizer or you have already acquired one, there are definitely questions you need answers to related to the unit’s operation, the healthy high-pH water it produces, and more. Here, we will answer some of the most frequent questions related to alkaline ionizers, so don’t miss out on this article if you want to gain in-depth knowledge regarding this topic.
October 25, 2020

What Is Backwashing? – Procedure Explained

Does the water in your pool seem murky even if you have been treating it regularly? Then, your filter may be the problem. Whether it is a sand or a D.E. model, you will find all the information about backwashing it in our article. So, learn the steps and get the problem fixed.
October 25, 2020

Chromotherapy Sauna – Color Therapy Explained and Benefits

A common feature in infrared saunas, chromotherapy is said to have multiple health benefits for those who use it right. But what are these benefits and what color settings should you use to benefit from the therapy to the fullest? Learn more about this topic here so that you better understand the importance of color light therapy and know how to use it.
October 21, 2020

How Do You Balance Your pH Level?

Your body is pretty good at maintaining a balanced pH, but what happens if it shows up to be a bit off? Can you deal with this problem yourself or it should be left to the more secure hand of a specialist? Read our article and find out all it is to know about body alkalinity and acidity.
October 18, 2020

Home Swimming Pool Safety Tips and Tools

Taking care of a pool means more than keeping it clean and sanitized. Once you have installed a huge hole with water in your backyard, safety is in question. Check out our article and find out what is the right equipment and what measures you should take to keep everybody safe.