Smart Lock

14. Schlage BE365VPLY505

With the help of this smart key, you will no longer deal with lost or stolen keys. The convenient design of it will ensure a keyless and effortless entry at all times. Furthermore, you will no longer need to hide spare keys around the home as you can share access codes with family and friends. Best of all, this lock is bump proof which means that it’s nearly impossible for intruders to damage the lock to gain access to your home.

Silicone-coated Keypad

You don’t have to worry about the keys losing quality throughout the years because each button is coated. This means that the numbers won’t fade so people will not guess the code. Some of its design features are:

  • Access Codes – Create up to 19 individual codes for family and friends
  • Turn Lock feature – Lock and leave without using a key
  • Pre-programmed – Use the 2 access codes for immediate use
Features To Remember
  • Fit – Suitable for doors with a thickness range of 1-3/8” to 1-3/4”
  • Battery – 1 lithium ion battery is included
  • Warranty – Lifetime on mechanics and 1-year on electrics
Back-lit Keypad

Easily control the keypad at nighttime or low-light conditions as the keypad is back-lit. In addition to this, this lock has a durable metal construction which means that you don’t have to worry about its quality as the years pass. Also, even though it requires a battery, it comes with a low light indicator light so you will know exactly when to change it.

  • Numerous styles available
  • Guaranteed to fit standard doors
  • Protective against bump key attacks
  • It comes with back-up keys
  • Simple to install by beginners

Not Wi-Fi compatible


The reason why this is a best seller is because it can be easily installed by all. As there’s no wires needed, you can install it within minutes. In addition to this, it also comes with everything you need for an easy set-up.

13. Kwikset 909 SmartCode

Do you have an outdated lock that desperately needs an upgrade? Look no further. Through this smartlock, you will be able to upgrade to a more convenient and smart lock that will keep you safe at all times. This lock is BGMA Grade 2 certified which means that it has been independently tested to prove its safety. Hence, you can purchase with confidence as experts in the industry have tested it. In fact, you can install it regardless of where you live as the lock is fully waterproof and weather-resistant.

SmartCode Touchpad

Through the smart electronic deadbolt, you will be able to lock the door by simply touching the keypad. Furthermore, you can also program the lock to shut the door after 30 seconds. Some of its design features are:

  • Customizable Codes – Set up to 8 individual codes for family an friends
  • Keypad – The 6 digit backlit keypad will allow easy access in low light conditions
  • Material – The metal construction and the tamper-resistant cover will maintain quality throughout the years
Simple Installation

Even though this is a smart lock, you can easily set it up by yourself. Numerous customers have followed the 4-step installation guide. Thus, if you follow it correctly, you will set it up within 10 minutes with minimal effort.

  • The keys are fade-proof
  • Suitable to be used on wood doors
  • Protective against bump key attacks
  • You can adjust the lock time delay
  • Battery will last for at least 4 months

Not Wi-Fi compatible


You can purchase this lock with confidence because it comes with everything you need to easily set it up. Hence, inside of the package you will find the mounting plate, keys, SmartKey tool, adapter tool, and even an allen wrench.

12. August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, 3rd gen

Convenience and practicality are the two main factors that best describe this lock. The reason for this is because you will be able to unlock the door as you approach your home. Are you heading out? Don’t look behind as the door will automatically lock itself. In addition to this, through the app, you will be able to control and monitor the lock wherever you are in the world. So, you can keep track of who locks and unlocks the door and which method they have used straight from your smartphone.

Track Activity

Once the door gets locked through DoorSense technology, it will give you a notification whether the door has securely locked or not. In addition to this, you will also receive notifications regarding:

  • Which code has been used to unlock the door
  • What method has been used to unlock it
  • Whether the lock has been used or not

Best of all, you can track activity at your doorstep 24/7 through the app. However, bear in mind that the app requires iOS 9.0 or higher for Apple devices and 5.0 or higher for Android ones. Regardless, if your smartphone is not so advanced, you can use your voice to find out updates or to control the lock. This works with all three major platforms such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home.

Buying Guide
  • Profiles – You don’t create codes for guests. You add them to the profile through the app and you can unlock the door for them wherever you are in the world
  • Batteries – The lock requires 4x AA batteries and they will last for at least 6 months
  • Accessories – Lock, August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, DoorSense Sensor, Batteries, Lock Adapter, and Mounting Hardware
Simple DIY Installation

Even though this is truly a smart lock, you don’t have to worry about extensive installation. The process will take around 10 minutes and all that you need is a screwdriver. Due to the included mounting hardware, this lock works with most standard doors and standard single cylinder deadbolts. Some of its convenience features are:

  • Locks automatically and unlocks as you approach by using the geolocation on your device
  • It attaches to your existing deadbolt
  • You can use your existing lock and keys

In order to keep you safe, you will be able to unlock the lock from inside of your home without using voice assistants or your cell phone. Hence, in case of an emergency, you can quickly exit your home.

  • Control multiple locks from the app
  • It lets you know which method has been used to unlock the door
  • You can share temporary codes with others
  • You don’t have to have the app opened on your device when approaching the door
  • Battery will last for at least 6 months

Requires 2.4GHz WiFi network


Even though it uses batteries, you don’t have to worry about being locked outside as you can manually open the door through the physical key. In addition to this, the battery indicator will also let you know when the batteries are running low.

11. Schlage Encode BE489WB CAM 619

We understand that such locks are difficult to be installed. Therefore, we present you with the easiest lock to install. All that you need to install this lock is a screwdriver. That’s it. Furthermore, that Snap ‘n Stay technology will ensure that the deadbolt snaps onto the door tightly so you can even have free hands during the installation process. Best of all, this lock also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts and finish. As well as, it’s also accompanied by 3-years warranty on the electrical parts.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Pair this lock with your Wi-Fi and you will be able to lock or unlock the door from anywhere you are in the world. In addition to this, through the Key app, you will be able to set up and manage up to 100 access codes. These codes can be recurring, temporary, or permanent. Some of its design features are:

  • Voice Control – This optional feature will allow you to control the lock without using your hands
  • Low Battery Indicator – You will receive a warning in advance for battery replacement
Buying Guide
  • Capacity – 100 codes
  • Suitability – Standard doors
  • Accessories included – Lockset, batteries, backup key, quick start guide
  • Batteries – 4x AA batteries
  • Dimension – 2.2” x 3” x 5.5”
Built-in Alarm System

Arguably, you don’t have to purchase an alarm system for your home because this lock has similar features. The advanced alarm technology will sense when there’s a potential breach of security at the lock. So, if someone tries to break the lock, a loud alarm will start sounding which will scare the intruders away. Some of its safety features are:

  • Notifications – Through the app, you will be notified when the door is locked and unlocked and what method they have used to open the door
  • Fingerprint-resistant – Regardless of how extensive the keypad is used, the most used numbers will not fade away to hint to others what the right code is
  • Batteries – In case of a power outage, you can still use the lock through the backup key provided

Best of all, there are numerous ways in which you can use this lock. For example, you can use the Schlage Home app or Key app by Amazon, by using the keypad, or through the key. Hence, you will always find it easy to gain access to your home. Equally important, you can set it to auto-lock itself so you never have to worry about leaving the door opened.

  • Lock door without using the code
  • Automatically connects to Wi-Fi after a power outage
  • You can share temporary codes with others
  • Fit metal doors
  • Battery will last for at least 6 months

Requires 2.4GHz WiFi network


Through the app, you will be able to control multiple locks. When you set it up you can describe for what door it is such as Front Door, Back Door, etc. In addition to this, you can unlock/lock doors in different houses in different states as long as there is Wi-Fi.

10. Yale Assure YRD226

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If you want to get in your home with ease, you should consider this lock as you will never have to worry about lost keys. As it works with Alexa, you will be able to use your voice by telling Alexa to unlock/lock the door. In addition to this, if you are a Prime Member, you can opt-in to get the smart lock and Cloud Cam to get delivered inside your home so you never have to deal with stolen packages. Don’t worry, you will be able to see live their exact location and everything they’re doing from the moment they reach your porch.

Included Monitoring Camera

One of the reasons why this smart lock sells so well is because it comes with a monitoring camera as well. The camera will let you:

  • Watch who is approaching your home day or night
  • Have a two-way conversation with whoever is at the door
  • Monitor live your home

The video has a quality of 1080HD and night vision which means that you will see everything in crispy clear quality. In addition to this, you will be able to ask Alexa to show you a live feed on your Amazon Fire TV, Tablet, or Echo Spot. Thus, if you’re in the bedroom, you don’t have to go downstairs to check who is at the door.

Important Features To Consider
  • The lock fits doors that are 1-3/4” to 2-14” thick
  • The lock requires batteries to operate
  • You must integrate the Cloud Cam with the alarm system
Multiple Entry Options

As the lock has been designed with numerous convenience features, you will be able to lock and unlock the door by using the Key App, using your voice, or by using a physical key. Therefore, there’s always another option if plan A fails. Some of its design features are:

  • Automatic – You don’t have to worry whether you’ve locked the door as Enable Auto Relock will always lock the door for you
  • Temporary Codes – You can unlock the door from wherever you are for a guest as you can set up 250 temporary codes
  • App – The app will let you control the home, watch the live feed, watch videos of who was knocking, and opt-in for in-home deliveries

Even if you use the keypad excessively, it has been designed to maintain the quality of the material so the buttons don’t wear off. In addition to this, it has a tamper-resistant battery cover so it cannot be damaged by excessive force.

  • Privacy button for all code lockout
  • Programmable timer
  • You can share temporary codes with others
  • Easy to install by beginners
  • The lock can be used through a code or through the app

Not suitable for French doors, mortice locks, and interconnected locks


The reason why we recommend this lock is because it has been independently tested in order to prove its efficiency. Hence, it’s ANSI/BHMA A156.36, Grade 2 certified. As well as, you will also be provided with 2 physical keys.

9. NexTrend Door Lock

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In order to use this lock, you can either choose Bluetooth, code, or a key. In addition to this, this is one of the smartest locks on the market due to the fact that it can detect when the door is unlocked for a long period of time. Of course, you have the option to choose how long that period is. You can adjust it from 5s to 120s. Additionally, the 30-days warranty period will allow you to have a full refund if you’re not happy with how it functions. Otherwise, the 1-year warranty period will cover the additional costs against technical or electronic parts. As well as, the lifetime technical assistance will answer any of your questions regarding the product.

Anti-peep Passwords

Even though it requires a code, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less efficient. This is why this product has been designed so you can enter random digits after or before you’ve entered the correct code. This will throw-off strangers that are trying to look as you type in the password. Some of its design features are:

  • Alarm – The built-in intrusion technology will ensure that if someone is trying to enter your home without your permission, you will receive a notification
  • Display – The backlit keypad will allow you to see the numbers with ease even in complete darkness
  • Door Lock – If you’re not tech-savvy, you can lock the door manually from the inside
Beginner-friendly Design

You will be able to allow your friends and family to enter the code even if you’re not at home. The passwords will be a one-time code which means that it cannot be used more than once. Some of its traits are:

  • Automatic – If the code is entered wrong 5 times, the lock will stop operating for 5 minutes
  • Battery – The long battery life means that you don’t have to continuously invest into the lock
  • Smart App – The lock will register all of the codes that have been entered. Thus, you will always know the safety of your home

You don’t have to worry about thorough maintenance and tough installation. The reason for this is because you can set it up without professional help. Before you purchase, you have to ensure that the door has a thickness between 38 to 48mm.

  • The keypad is weather-resistant
  • Features a low battery indicator
  • You can share temporary codes with others
  • Easy to install by beginners
  • The lock can be used through a code or through the app

It must be kept away from humid environments


Without a doubt, this is one of the smartest lock that’s currently on the market. Even though it’s innovative, it’s actually one of the most affordable lock. Therefore, you don’t have to go broke trying to ensure a safe environment.

8. Akaso SW805

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This model made by Akaso doesn’t only look stylish, it also makes locking and unlocking a breeze. The zinc alloy construction increases its overall durability while the many built-in features allow you to enjoy the ultimate technology in this industry. It comes with a touchscreen keypad that illuminates to better see the button even if it’s dark outside.

Versatile and Practical

It features multiple ways to unlock the door which is really great. You can use the PIN code, the app, or even the provided physical key. The independent PIN codes allow you to provide access to your guests and visitors for a certain period of time or only for a few hours. Some of its particularities are:

  • Codes – Adding and deleting the codes is very easy and convenient. The user-friendly app allows you to provide access even if you’re not at home
  • Notifications – The lock keeps you informed about who comes and leaves home, so you can monitor your kids for example and rest assured knowing they have arrived home
  • Alarm – When the code is entered incorrectly 5 times, the lock will not work for 5 minutes or until the code is entered correctly
User-friendly Design

You will be able to enter the code with ease due to the fact that the keypad is backlit. The white light will make the keys visible even in complete darkness. Some of its features are:

  • Battery Backup – When the battery runs out, the 9V built-in battery will take over. In the event of a power shortage, the battery will overpass the integrated battery
  • Alert – Whenever the battery runs out, a song and a light will appear

The lock includes 2 traditional keys which can be used as a backup. Additionally, the door locks automatically every time you go out. Another great feature is the intrusion alarm that starts when the lock is opened using other methods than the ones provided.

  • Backlit keyboard
  • Features a low battery indicator and comes with a battery backup
  • Locks automatically every time you go out
  • You can provide temporary codes for guests and friends
  • Features dead lock button that block the access for the outside

A little bit noisy when the door locks automatically


The lock features a simple operation even if the provided instructions are not very helpful. It comes with many nice features that are meant to increase the safety level of your house. The design makes it suitable for any modern house or apartment. However, you may find it a little annoying when it closes off as it is rather loud.

7. Samsung Ezon SHS-3321

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Once installed, this smart lock will keep your house safe no matter if you’re at home or away. The unit features a modern design, offering you the possibility to choose between 2 deadbolt sizes. Due to the fact that it is a digital door lock, this model is very easy to use. In order to change the batteries, you only have to remove the back and replace them. You can also reset the code from the back.

Versatile Design

You can gain access by introducing the right code, using the key fob, or the tag. Even if the batteries run out, you will be able to open the door as there’s a 9V battery that offers enough power to enter the house and change the batteries. Some of its particularities are:

  • Indicator Light – The unit features a low battery indicator that will announce when you have to replace the batteries
  • Automatic – It features an automatic locking, making it more convenient in case you’re in a hurry and you simply forget to lock the door
  • Alarm – If the door is locked while the lock hasn’t opened the door by itself, the lock will produce an alarm that cannot be stopped without your consent
Safe and Durable

This model also features a fire detection sensor, so in case there’s a fire in the house, you will know for sure. You can adjust the volume according to your preferences and you can also switch it to the mute mode. Some of its characteristics are:

  • Emergency Power – If the batteries run out or you’ve experienced a power shortage, the backup power source will intervene
  • Prevention – If the code has been entered incorrectly 5 times, there will be a warning sign and the lock will stop working for 3 minutes
  • Double Locking – By using this feature, the door will not be unlocked even by a key. This will give you peace of mind when you’re on vacation
Smart Features Integrated

In order to prove how efficient it is, when the lock is awake, it will give out 2 random pin numbers. If you don’t know the pin, this will throw off intruders. As well as, it also offers safety against people that are trying to look when you’re entering the code. Some of its traits are:

  • Authentication – The double authentication means that you have to enter both the password and the RFID tag to unlock the door
  • Auto Polling – You can skip the security code when using a RFID card to enter
  • Memory – The lock will memorize up to 71 users or different pins

As about the installation, you won’t find any difficulties in performing this job. For peace of mind, the manufacturer warrants it for a period of 1 year.

  • Comes with a low battery indicator that stays on about 2 weeks
  • Includes a fire detection sensor
  • It is equipped with a battery back-up, so even if there’s no battery left you will gain access
  • Features a random security mode and a double authentication mode
  • Locks the door automatically, so there’s no need to worry in case you forget to lock the door

Lacks some advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity, voice command, fingertip recognition, etc.


This is a popular model that due to its simple and intuitive design. It comes packed with some nice features although in comparison to other models it is less advanced. It does a great job at keeping the intruders away with the anti-theft mode, the double authentication mode, and the random security code. It may be a little pit pricey, but overall it worth the investment.

6. Ultraloq UL3 BT

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Another great option you can consider is this smart door locking system from Ultralog-q. If you need a high level of security for your door, then this model is exactly what you need. Once installed, you will know who locks the door and when. This lock is Bluetooth enabled which makes it more secure in comparison to the other models which use WiFi connectivity.

Advanced Technology Integrated

Unlike many other models, this one uses advanced fingerprint technology. This means you can open the lock just by touching it. The built-in sensor is scratch-proof, dust-proof, waterproof. The system won’t need more than 0.5 seconds to identify you. Some of its smart features are:

  • Versatile -This lock can be controlled through your fingerprint, app, code, key, and knock
  • Battery Backup – You don’t have to worry about your safety in case of a power shortage as it has a backup power source

Additionally, you can gain access by introducing the correct code. This model features an anti-peep password. For more convenience, you also have the mechanical key as a back-up.

Superior Quality Construction

The casing is made of strong zinc alloy and is rated IP65 which means that is protected from dust and water. Therefore, you can install the lock both indoors and outdoors. It provides great performance and flexibility, so you never have to worry again about losing or forgetting your key. Some of its particularities are:

  • Battery – The system features a long battery life, allowing access up to 8000 times
  • Indicator Light – When the batteries run low, you will receive an alert on both OLED display and app
  • Installation – You will be able to set it up within 10 minutes as there’s no wiring

The Ultralocq app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. In case you have an Android device, you can also knock on your phone 4 times or skate it to unlock the door.

  • Fetaures 5 opening methods
  • Doesn’t require Internet connectivity
  • Weatherproof encasing
  • Comes with an advanced fingerprint reader that can store 95 fingerprints
  • The door lever is reversible

Can’t sent an eKey to another smartphone


Nice option if you’re looking for a highly advanced door locking system. It uses fingerprint technology and is smartphone compatible. It comes with many built-in features that are meant to make things easier while keeping your home protected from the possible intruders. Nice and simple design and very highly responsive touchscreen. There are some drawbacks but all in all, it worth the investment.

5. Schlage Camelot

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If you want to make sure that no one who you do not give permission to will ever enter your home, all this without having to spend a ton of money out of your pocket, then the Camelot from Schlage is definitely the right pick for you. The superior quality metal construction will maintain quality throughout the years. You can purchase this lock with confidence due to the fact that it comes with a limited lifetime for mechanics and 1 year for electronics.

Pre-programmable Features

One of its most appealing traits, by far, is the Vacation mode you can set it on which allows you to disable all user codes when you are away from home for a longer period of time. Of course, this is not the only aspect where it shines as it is worth mentioning the fact that its deadbolt can be adjusted to fit the depth of the pre-existing hole. Some of its design features are:

  • Keypad – The backlit keypad will ensure an easy operation in low-light conditions or in complete darkness
  • Indicator Lights – The low battery icon indicates, ahead of time, that the battery is slowly being depleted of power
  • Construction – The silicone-coated keypad will prevent wear and tear from extensive use
Long Battery Life

Even though it requires batteries, you don’t have to constantly invest into the product. This is because on average, the battery will last for at least 3-years. Some of its traits are:

  • Safe – This lock has been individually tested and it has been achieved Commercial Grade 2 Certificate
  • Versatile – As it’s one of the best on the market, this lock is suitable for doors, side and back doors, and garage doors
  • Installation – In order to set it up, all that you will need is a screwdriver

Overall, after putting into balance its asking price and the technology it uses, as well as the features it is accompanied by, we must admit this is a security device which quite impressed us and that we recommend to all homeowners.

  • Illuminated touchpad makes it easy for you to enter the code even under poor lighting conditions
  • Vacation mode allows you to disable guest codes when you are away
  • Low battery icon announces you ahead of time that the battery power is running out
  • Deadbolt is slightly adjustable, allowing you to customize it to the depth of the pre-existing hole
  • Good price to performance ratio – one fo the more affordable products in this niche

Bulky aspect makes it quite unpleasing from the aesthetic point of view


Affordable and convenient from numerous points of view, this Schlage security product is one worth your money. Although there are numerous features worth boasting when it comes to this system, the one we were impressed by the most is definitely the Vacation mode which allows a 100% security proofing as you can even disable guest codes when you are away.

4. Yale Z-Wave

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In terms of how big of an improvement it can bring to your home’s security, the Yale Z-Wave is, by, far, one of the best options to go for. This is not to say that it does not have some flaws, however. Woefully, without the existence of a home automation system, there are some features to which you will not have access, features that would have made using it more convenient. Furthermore, unlike other security systems in its category, it does not boast the most discrete design.

Affordable Price – Excellent Operation

But these two flaws are completely minor when looking at the bigger picture and considering the safety enhancement it brings to the table. ANSI graded II for its exceptional performance, it is indeed a trustworthy product to go for. Also, it is reasonably priced when compared to most of the door locking systems on the market. Some of its convenient features are:

  • Automatic – The automatic locking which activates after 30 seconds since the door has been opened
  • Keypad – The backlit display is visible even in complete darkness
  • Display – If you don’t want to enter the 4 to 8 digit pin code, you can simply tap to unlock it
Manage From Anywhere

Another upside worth mentioning is that the installation process is made incredibly intuitive and easy due to the voice-activated technology which walks you through all the steps. Thus, you do not need anyone’s help to install it. You can easily add key codes whenever you want, key fobs are not used with it, and you can activate advanced settings hassle-free during the installation process as well. You can control this lock through:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Siri
Easy Installation

You will be able to set it up with ease as you will only need a screwdriver. This lock is suitable for doors that measure 1 3/8” to 2 1/4” thick and it also requires 2 1/8” face borehole. Hence, you don’t have to invest further into the product. Some of its particularities are:

  • Keys – You will also receive 2 keys so you don’t have to worry about getting locked out if the system fails
  • Smart – Through the app, you will be able to lock or unlock the door from wherever you are in the world
  • Notification – On the app, you will receive notifications when the door locks, the status of the lock, and when the door opens

Similarly, to the other models, this lock works with Z-Wave smart home wireless home. Therefore, you can control your home with the use of your voice and without touching anything.

  • Voice-activated setup helps you easily program the keypad as desired
  • Automatic lock feature ensured that after 30 seconds of being unlocked, the security device will lock on its own
  • Does not use key fobs, which is a major added convenience for most users
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade II rated for its safety in use
  • Comes in three finishes which allow you to pick the one that matches the door and knob

Some of its features only work if it is integrated with a home automation system


Although its integration with a home automation system and the plethora of features you get to enjoy if you perform this integration are a major plus for this locking system, those who do not have home automation might feel limited in its operation. However, even standalone it performs exceptionally when it comes to enhancing home security, so you should not see this small flaw as a major downside.

3. August Smart Lock 2nd Gen

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From the beginning, August Home, the manufacturing company of this smart locking system knew how important it is for homeowners not only to enjoy enhanced security at home, but to make an addition which is aesthetically pleasing as well. From this mindset was the August 2nd Gen born, one of the best systems you could install in terms of door locking optimization, an anti-burglar system which is worth every cent. However, do be warned that it is not a cheap purchase to make, but it is one we are sure will provide you with the sense of safety and security you are yearning for.

Easy Installation

Among all the retrofit systems out there, the August 2nd Gen is definitely the easiest to install, an aspect worth mentioning as it implies you won’t spend a lot of time on the procedure itself, and you won’t have to pay for a professional installation either. Furthermore, it has one of the most intuitive to use apps at the moment. By using the app you can:

  • Change the settings
  • Keep surveillance
  • Receive notifications
Works With Alexa

You can lock and unlock the door without using your hands. By telling Alexa or Google Assistant a command, you can either control the door or check the status of the door. In addition to this, it also works with Siri. Some of its features are:

  • Geolocation – It uses GPS information to determine when you leave and arrive home to automatically lock and unlock the door
  • Z-Wave Plus – This system is capable of integrating with a large selection of wireless home systems
  • Practical – You can create virtual keys for guests so the door will open to them
Safe and Secure
  • Two-factor Authentication – This lock will ensure the highest level of security as it will double-check whether it’s you
  • Encryption – The two-layer encryption prevents hackers from bypassing the system
  • Lost Phone Feature – If you lose your phone, you can disable the lock and virtual keys by logging onto the website

One of the best things about this lock is the fact that it’s suitable with single-cylinder deadbolt. This is something the majority of homes have. As well as, you don’t have to worry about thorough maintenance as you will receive a notification on the app that will let you know when the batteries need to be replaced.

  • It installs quickly and without much hassle
  • Unique, innovative technology use through geofencing feature
  • Bluetooth connectivity and iOS plus Android smartphone compatibility
  • Low battery indicator keeps you updated with the current status of the battery’s power

Requires the purchase of extra equipment for smart home hardware integration


Although a relatively new apparition on the market as the manufacturing company is approximately only five years old, the Augusta 2nd Gen is one of the most appealing purchases you could make if a break-in free environment is what you want to enjoy at home. Sure, it might be a bit of a costly investment, but it is one worth making nonetheless considering the amazing security it provides and its ease of use.

2. Kwikset Kevo 985 2nd Gen

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Ever since 1946 Kwikset has been dedicated to manufacturing residential locks that help increase the security level. Constantly improving their products and adding more features to make them both safer and easier to use, the company has managed to become one of the most popular ones. The Kevo 985 2nd Genlock is one of the best you can go with, being both dependable and versatile.


In comparison to the first generation of the smart lock deadbolt, the second generation has small and sleek interior design. It offers the highest level of security as it is ANSI and BHMA grade 1 certified. It is lightweight and comes in multiple finishes to match your preferences. Therefore, you can select between Venetian bronze, satin nickel, polished brass, lifetime polished brass, antique brass, and iron black. It features a single cylinder deadbolt and it is suitable for doors with a thickness of 1-3/4 inches. Both the deadbolt and the latch are adjustable to fit the door.


In terms of performance, the lock is absolutely impressive. It is the ideal choice if you want to make your house a smart one. This model is Bluetooth enabled and so you only need your smartphone to lock or unlock the door. The Kevo app is very user-friendly and provides a reliable connection.

  • Touch-to-open: with your smartphone in your pocket or purse the only thing you have to do is to touch the deadbolt and it will automatically unlock the door.
  • Temporary eKeys: you can send eKeys to visitors to lock and unlock the door during their stay.
  • Remote locking and unlocking: allows you to grant access to your fiends while comfortably seating on the couch.
  • Lock/unlock status notification: sends you notification every time the door is locked and unlocked.

The smart device comes with plenty of features that make it more convenient to use. A great advantage is the fact that it is compatible with many smart home solutions like Amazon Alexa, Nest, Ring Doorbell, and so on.

  • Knows your location: for extra security, the system won’t unlock the door when your phone is inside the house.
  • Confirmation light ring: when unlocking the light ring flashes green and when locking it flashes red.
  • Auto lock: you can set it to lock automatically 30 seconds after you leave.
  • Audible beeps: they let you know when the door is locking or unlocking. You can turn the beeps off if you want.
  • You only need to touch it to lock or unlock the door
  • Allows you to access the history of who entered and left your home
  • Two keys are still provided in case you have family members who want to open the door the old-fashioned way
  • Fast response time surpasses what most similar systems on the market offer
  • Easy to install – you can do it on your own

Kevo Plus hardware required for other smart features except for Bluetooth connectivity


With a touch to open technology that will make your life a whole lot easier, especially when carrying heavy loads of groceries, this Kevo door locking system is anything a conscientious homeowner could ask for. It might be a bit pricey, indeed, but this isn’t to say that it is not worth every cent as the truth is at the opposite side of the spectrum.

1. Schlage Connect Camelot

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The Schlage company was established in 1920 and ever since it has been dedicated to manufacturing the best security products. Currently, it is considered one of the most reliable security product companies, so there’s no surprise that one of the smart locks produced by the company is our top pick. Connect Camelot is very popular for many reasons including the fact that it features an intuitive designed, a simple installation, and durable construction.


The lock will protect your house for many years as it is rated by the American National Standards Institute with the highest grade. At 3.8 pounds it is not too heavy yet it is solid enough to withstand the test of time. Additionally, the touchscreen comes in one color option – matte black – and its surface has anti-fingerprint properties.

  • Exterior and interior dimensions: 3″ x 5″ x 1″/ 3″ x 8″ x 2″
  • Door thickness: fits doors with a thickness range between 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4″
  • 5 color options: it is available in a wide range of colors – bright brass, matte black, satin nickel, bright chrome, or aged bronze.

The fact that you can introduce up to 30 codes makes this lock very versatile. You can set a different code for every family member or guest. When the code is no longer needed, you can simply delete it from the memory without any hassle. As a back-up, you can use one of the included physical keys. 4AA batteries are necessary to operate the lock and when it’s time to replace them, an indicator light will let you know about this. Unfortunately, this model has no battery backup.


For increased security, the manufacturer added an incorporable alarm with 3 security options. Activity setting – every time the door is opened you will hear 2 short beeps. Tamper setting – in case there’s a subtle activity on the lock, a 90-dB alarm will sound for 15 seconds. Forced Entry – when you’re away and there’s a break in, your neighbors will be announced by a 90 dB alarm that will sound for 3 minutes. Here are some other nice features this model comes with:

  • Automatic lock: this feature enables the door to lock automatically after 30 seconds. Therefore, in case you forget to lock it, you don’t have to hurry back and check it.
  • Z-Wave technology: the lock works with Z-Wave but you have to purchase a hub if you want to use the lock with your smartphone.
  • Led backlight: allows you to insert the code even if it’s completely dark.
  • Anti-pick shield: provides protection against lock tampering.
  • Features 2 unique pre-programmed codes
  • Alarm is loud enough to deter burglars and make you hear it even if you are sleeping
  • You can program up to 30 individual, unique codes
  • Intuitive use and easy DIY installation
  • Comes in multiple color options

Not the most compact locking system


The potential for this smart system is good enough as it is, but in combination with Z-Wave compatible smart home hubs, it widens even further. It is definitely the safest security option to go for if you want to keep burglars at bay, and its intuitive use and easy installation which you can do on your own boost its appeal to the max. It is our number one recommendation, so we confidently advise you to use it if you want to get all security-related worries off of your mind.

Top 5 Comparison

1. Schlage Connect Camelot 2. Kwikset Kevo 985 2nd Gen 3. August Smart Lock 2nd Gen 4. Yale Z-Wave 5. Schlage Camelot
General Information
Manufacturer Schlage Lock Company Kwikset August Yale Security Schlage Lock Company
Weight (pounds) 3.8 3.5 0.86 4.4 5.3
Width (inches) 13.9 13.2 12.2 13 12.6
Class Residential Residential Residential Residential Residential
Number of Color Options 5 6 2 3 6
Product Specifications
Power Supply 4 AA Batteries 4 AA Batteries 4 AA Batteries 4 AAA Batteries PP3 Battery
Batteries Included
Deadbolt Type Single Cylinder Single Cylinder Single Cylinder Single Cylinder Single Cylinder
Door Thickness 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″ 1-3/4″ Retrofits the existing deadbolt and is suitable for most single-cylinder deadbolts 1 3/8″ to 2 1/4″ 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″
Deadbolt Included
Maximum Number of Keypad Codes 30 N/A N/A 250 19
Easy Installation
Keys Included 1 2 N/A 2 2
Connectivity Z-Wave Bluetooth Bluetooth Z-Wave
Phone Compatibility iOS and Android iOS and Android iOS and Android iOS and Android
Low Battery Indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Works with Amazon Alexa Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special Features
Fingerprint-resistant Touchscreen Touch to Lock/Unlock Auto Lock and Unlock Voice-guided Programming Function Silicon-coated Keypad
Three Alerts Location Detector Access Control Weather-resistant Design Pre-programmed with 2 Access Codes
100% Pick-proof Advanced Smartkey Security Access History Illuminated Keypad Back-lit keypad
Built-in Alarm Technology Access History Gasketed for Outdoor Use
Warranty 1-year electronic warranty; limited lifetime mechanical and finish 1-year electronic warranty; limited lifetime mechanical and finish 1-year warranty 1-year electronic warranty; limited lifetime mechanical and finish 3-year electronic warranty; limited lifetime mechanical and finish
User Manual
Customer Support

How We Selected and Ranked

Although there are many locks out there, not all of them provide the same performance. A good lock doesn’t only increase the security level of your home but it is easy to use for the entire family. So, when we selected and ranked the products, we took into account both these aspects and some more.

Rating Criteria How It Affects Performance Best Model
ANSI/BHMA Rating ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) set 3 standard grades for the security and durability of locks with grade 1 being the highest possible and grade 3 the minimum acceptable. Not all devices meet ANSI/BHMA standards, so from this point of view they are less secure. Schlage Connect Camelot
Connectivity Some devices are more advanced and they can be controlled with your smartphone. In general, they are compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and come with user-friendly apps. Some of them can be connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but there are devices that work with the Z-Wave technology. Each of these wireless connections has both advantages and disadvantages, so deciding which one is the best is rather difficult. But this is not the point. Your choice should be based according to your needs and preferences. However, most devices that use Z-Wave require you to separately purchase a hub that controls the Z-Wave devices. Kwikset Kevo 985 2nd Gen, August Smart Lock 2nd Gen
Door Thickness Requirements In general, the available locksets are not suitable for any type of door. The thickness of the door is the major factor that influences the compatibility of the device. Luckily, most devices are pretty versatile from this point of view because they can be installed on door frames with different thickness. Some models simply retrofit the existing deadbolt. August Smart Lock 2nd Gen, Yale Z-Wave
Design The design is not the most important aspect but if you want the locking mechanism to fit into the house decor, it’s worth paying attention to this little detail. Some devices feature a modern design while others are more traditional. For a perfect match, you should also consider the style and color of the door. Most models come in multiple color options, so choosing one shouldn’t be too difficult. Kwikset Kevo 985 2nd Gen, Schlage Camelot, Schlage Connect Camelot
Warranty The warranty of a product is a guarantee that if it gets defective, it will be repaired or replaced for free. The locksets made by trusted brands come with a warranty that covers both mechanical and finish defects. Some manufacturers also offer a warranty that covers electronics defects. August Smart Lock 2nd Gen, Schlage Camelot

Frequently Asked Questions

? What Happens If Too Many Incorrect Codes Have Been Entered?
The answer to this question depends on the model of smart lock you have installed. This information is usually provided in the user manual. The solution for some locks, as those made by Schlage, is to wait for 30 seconds until you re-enter the code.

? Are Single Cylinder Deadbolts Better Than Double Cylinder Deadbolts?
The single cylinder deadbolts are not necessarily better but they are certainly more convenient. The main reason for this is because they require a key for locking and unlocking the door from the exterior and not from both the exterior and interior as double cylinder deadbolts need. Therefore, single cylinder deadbolts are more common and less expensive. Also, they are considered safer in case of a fire.
? The Door Locks Still Work When the Phone Battery Drains Out?
Yes, all smart door locks can work even if the smartphone battery drains out. You just have to use the physical key included and open the door in the old fashion way.
? How Long Does the Battery Last?
The battery life depends on the smart lock model and the quality of the battery. In general, most batteries last between 3 and 6 months until they need a replacement. For more convenience, when the battery runs low, many of the available smart locks feature a low battery indicator that announces you to replace the battery. Some of them also announce you via the mobile app.


When talking about such a product, we must give a special mention to Schlage Connect Camelot as it has been producing these since 1920. Regardless, this model will allow you to introduce 30 different codes so your family members and guests can open the door with a code. In addition to this, in case someone tries to break the lock, you will be able to hear a loud alarm which will scare away the intruders. Furthermore, if you forget to lock the door manually, the lock will automatically do this for you. Since the keypad is backlit, you will find it easy to enter the code even in complete darkness.

If you’ve never had such product before, you should consider Samsung Ezon SHS-3321. The reason for this is because it’s easy to install without professional help. In addition to this, it will memorize up to 71 different codes. Perhaps, one of the main reason why this model sells so well is that it has been designed with emergency power. Thus, when the battery has run out, the emergency backup power will intervene so it’s impossible for intruders to enter your home. Also, when you go on vacation you can use the double lock feature to make it impossible for someone to bypass the system.

Since technology advances, you should consider the innovative and new models that are currently on the market. This is why we give a special mention to Yale Assure YRD226. The included camera will allow you to watch live over your front door at any time. In addition to this, it has the ability to memorize 250 pin codes. Thus, ensuring that you don’t feel limited when giving your family and friends codes. As well as, if you’re a Prime Member, you can choose for the package to be delivered inside your door.