Vicks V790N

A humidifier is a device which can make the air in your home a lot more pleasant. If you generally experience dry skin problems, sinus problems, static electrical shocks or any other discomforts associated with dry air, you should consider buying a quality humidifier. If these problems only occur during the dry winter months, when the central heating system is running, you should buy a warm mist humidifier so that the humidification process does not cool the room. Furthermore, since you’re gonna buy a humidifier anyway, you might as well invest in a quality one, which does not just humidify the air, but also freshens it, killing up to 99% of water bacteria. Vicks V790N is one of the best humidifiers of this sort and it can be acquired for only $89.99.

Vicks V790N Image

Main features

Vicks V790N is a warm mist humidifier which kills up to 99% bacteria and germs found in the water. As such, you can comfortably use tap water with this humidifier as the dispersed mist will be as fresh as possible. The purification process is done by a patented ultraviolet light chamber. These are some of the features:

  • The device also features an adjustable humidity control, an auto-shut off feature and two water tanks
  • The tanks are easy to refill and their capacity allows the device to run up to 24 hours without the need for refilling
  • This humidifier is perfect for both medium rooms and large rooms
  • Combined, the two tanks have a 2-gallon capacity


The product weighs 10 pounds and you’ll find it easy to transport it. It has a daily output of 2.4 gallons per day. When the tank runs dry, the product will automatically shut-off so it’s energy-efficient. The model can cover an area that measures 425 sq. ft. and there’s only one speed. It doesn’t have a remote control so you will have to manually change the settings. In addition to this, the unit uses a UV air purification system type. Thus, you no longer have to deal with the germs around you.


The germicidal process is able to remove mold, bacteria and other microorganisms. You will be able to enjoy the sanitized warm mist without being worried about the germs around you. The unit is able to run its course up to 24 hours without you having to constantly take care of it. The practical characteristics are:

  • You will receive a medicine cup to use with liquid inhalants at no extra price
  • The controls are easy to understand as the unit has been designed with simple push-button start and control dial
  • The product has been designed with indicator lights for power and to let you know when the tank needs to refill


Technical specifications can tell you a lot about a device, but only by testing it, can you see if it is really good. After reading various reviews from countless people who bought Vicks V790N, we came to the conclusion that it is a good investment. Most people were pleased by the fact that it is reasonably quiet. Furthermore, its efficiency is noticed very fast as the air in a room becomes easier to breathe. Since the device has no filters, it requires little maintenance. However, if your tap water is very hard, you will have to put some effort into cleaning the inside parts of sediments. It is best if you use a mixture of water and vinegar for the cleaning process.

Another great advantage of this humidifier is the fact that it does not disperse white dust into the room as it does not have an evaporative technology, so all the minerals remain trapped inside the device, within the absorption pads. The only downside of this device is the On light which can be very disturbing in the bedroom, at night. However, this problem can easily be solved with the use of an electrical tape. Last but not least, a humidistat would have made this device a lot more interesting.