Sharper Image Ultrasonic UV

The most important property that this humidifier has is represented by the ability to release a cool and warm mist into the air. That is a very effective feature, especially if you have small children around the house. Usually, units with warm steam are dangerous around children because the hot steam can cause burns and other injuries. So, the ability to produce cool mist as well as what turns this device into a safe humidifier.

Sharper Image Ultrasonic UV Image

Smart and Innovative

Everybody knows that when water with a high level of calcium is converted into steam, it produces a messy dust that can affect the quality of the air that you breathe. This product integrates a demineralization cartridge that eliminates the magnesium and calcium, which we can find in tap water, so you no longer have to worry about white powder being released into the air. Some of the smart features are:

  • It performs with an ultrasonic silent technology that vaporizes the water without heat. You can easily adjust how much vapor the unit should release
  • It features a Clean Mist anti-microbial technology that doesn’t allow mildew and mold to develop on the surface of the tank
  • When the tank runs dry, it will automatically shut-off in order to prevent malfunctions and ensure durability for many years


Its design includes manual controls that can be easily used to make any type of adjustment, so you can set the steam output and the temperature. Keep in mind that if you adjust your unit to produce warm mist, it will run out of the water faster and it will shut off automatically when its tanks are empty. That is when the LED indicator light will let you know that you need to refill the humidifier. Although these products can meet anyone’s needs, they don’t integrate an adjustable nozzle. Instead, they come with vents that are located on top of the units, and that can be adjusted to release steam forward or straight up.


The Sharper Image Ultrasonic UV has a big capacity, which means that it can be used in rooms with a 400 square footage, and it incorporates two tanks that can hold up to 1.6 gallons of water each. These are some of its characteristics:

  • The unit can run for 72-hours straight without you having to constantly refill it
  • It releases fine mist into the air. Thus, eliminating the possibility of mold development
  • There’s a night light so you will find it easy to operate it where there’s a limited light environment


This is a top of the line product that ensures safety and practicality. Even though it has a large tank capacity, you don’t have to constantly refill. It requires little maintenance so you don’t have to pay attention to it constantly. In addition to this, it has a user-friendly interface which ensures that you can easily figure it out. The anti-microbial technology will prevent mold and bacteria from developing so you can take a proper care of you and the ones you love. This item is an investment rather than a meaningless purchase as it will last for many years to come.