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Standard Garage Door Sizes


H aving a home with a garage is an advantage that involves plenty of storage space aside from having a place to park your car in safety. A garage also involves a door that usually comes in standard sizes although it may vary from house to house. When it comes to choosing a door for the garage or replacing the old one, there are some things that need to be kept in mind, otherwise, you might wake up with the wrong door type or size. Nonetheless, it is important to know what is the size of standard models, how you can find out the right size for your garage, and which are the types you can choose from.

The size of standard doors

Picking the door for the garage is something that differs from house to house. Standard residential doors, however, come in three sizes namely 8 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet and 10 x 7 feet. These will fit regular houses with a garage that has to fit a normal car, a truck, or an SUV. An RV or a big truck will never fit in a standard garage door. If you have multiple cars or you will have to park a large vehicle inside the garage, you will have to get a custom-made door that will provide enough space for you to enter the garage. Also, it’s best to build the garage a little bigger than needed so that in the event of having to park a larger vehicle, you will have enough room.

Garage Door Sizes

How do I measure the door of my garage?

This is the first question you should find the answer to before picking a garage door, and the answer is very simple. You will have to use a tape measure for that, the regular one you have at home for measuring the size of the carpet or the curtains. Be careful when you measure and always measure twice to make sure you will get the right dimensions. Keep a pen and paper close to writing down the numbers and measure the height, the length, and the width. These three measurements are all you need to know when picking a door for your garage.

Once you get a better understanding of the various sizes, it will be easier to find the one that best fits your home. For a clearer view, analyze other doors in person, such as the ones your neighbors and friends have and go take a look at the models exhibited in shops. Thorough research will help you find the most durable and easy to use the door.

Garage Door Sizes

How to decide on a certain size?

What you need to know is that it has to be the same size as your garage so you need to take into account the possibility of requiring a larger garage over time. If you are building your home, you have the freedom of choosing the size of the garage and you need to consider your further needs as well. You might be fine with a small garage now but, in time, you could enlarge your vehicle park or you could require more storage space. However, it’s not advisable to pay for a door that is too big without really needing it, so you should think it through very well. For a regular home, most people opt for either a single or a double door that is large enough to fit multiple cars and provide plenty of entrance space.

The brand is also important when picking a door because as you would expect, more popular manufacturers offer higher quality products. It is not something you will want to change many times so it’s best to go for a more durable and reliable one even if it costs more. The investment will pay off in time as you won’t have to pay for service or a replacement with another garage door. Clopay is among the customers’ favorite brands, followed by Amarr and Wayne Dalton.

Garage Door Sizes

What are the available sizes and types?

Garage doors are of different types, depending on their size and the car that will need to fit through them. The most common type is the single door that only needs to fit one regular car or an SUV. There are also a double model, RV doors, and commercial doors. Without further ado, let’s have a look at each type to see how much they measure and how should you guide in picking one.

Single doors

As mentioned before, the standard single door usually measures 10 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet and 8 x 7 feet all around, being the most popular among people who need to park a regular car, a small truck, an SUV or a van. These doors are also more lightweight than the larger ones and are usually made of steel or aluminum, although you can have them made of any material you want. Keep in mind that a single model will not allow you to park multiple cars and are only suitable for smaller garages.

Double doors

In case you need a bigger version, the double door should be the perfect choice for you. This one is as tall as the single door but is wider, measuring 16 x 7 feet, 14 x 7 feet and 12 x 7 feet and is appropriate for bigger garages that will accommodate more than one car. You can park a large van, a small truck or two regular cars and is also large enough to fit a larger garage. The standard 2 car garage doors are great for larger homes and are available in a variety of materials, from lightweight aluminum to stylish wood or glass.

RV doors

If you have an RV that you use occasionally for trips, you will definitely want to park it in the garage to keep it safe when you are not using it, so this situation asks for a special type of door. If the average door height is 7 feet, the RV door usually measures 16 x 9 feet to ensure that the vehicle will not hit the ceiling on its way inside the garage. When considering an RV door, make sure you leave enough room in the garage for storing various items and possibly parking another car as well. For this, you need to build the garage a little larger than you would normally do so that you will have enough space to fit all your belongings.

Commercial doors

The last category of doors consists of commercial doors that are the largest ones and are usually designed for office buildings or commercial garages. Their width is 32 feet x 2 inches and the height is 24 feet x 1 inch so that they will accommodate a large truck or multiple trucks at a time. However, the size can depend on the needs of the business owner and the number of trucks that will have to fit inside the garage. It should be larger than the biggest truck that will have to fit through it in order to ensure things will run smoothly.

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