SOMMER 1052V000

If you want to increase the security of your property, then you must not forget about your garage either. Intruders can enter your house through the garage, and this is why is essential that you secure it as best as you can. The Sommer 1052V000 direct drive garage door opener is the device you need in order to obtain the desired result. It is one of the best units, in terms of home security. If you want to know everything about this device, then you must have a look at the following information.

Technical specifications

The device has a premium heavy duty 1 HP motor that will provide maximum performance. The motor of this unit actually glides silently along the chain, which is embedded in a sturdy steel rail. This is possible thanks to Direct Drive Technology. Some of its particularities are:

  • Noise – A wonderful thing about this device that you will certainly love is the fact that it is extremely quiet. It virtually has no vibrations at all. Therefore, it is excellent for homes with living spaces above or near the garage
  • Door Capabilities – This model is suitable for garage door height is 7 to 8 feet
  • HomeLink – It is HomeLink compatible which means that it has a wireless operation. You don’t have to push any buttons on the control panel to open or close the garage door
SOMMER 1052V000

Specifications Sheet

Specs 1052V000
Garage door type compatibility 7’ to 8’ H
Horsepower 1 HP
Technology Direct drive; rolling code
Safety sensors Yes
Motion detection lights No
Interior wall station Yes
Remote control Yes
Warranty Lifetime for system, 2 years for accessories

Safety and security features

The motor and moving parts of this device have been tested up to 100,000 times by an independent test institute, in order to provide you the best results. Its safety features are:

  • Rolling Code Technology – The device has a Secure Rolling Code Technology with a bandwidth of 310 MHz. This technology will actually secure very well your garage, making it impossible for intruders to enter it
  • Obstacle Detection – The sensitive obstacle detection will actually ensure a high level of security by reversing the door immediately after sensing an obstacle
  • Sensors – The photo sensors will automatically reverse the door if anything interrupts the beam. Thus, this model meets all UL 325 requirements
SOMMER 1052V000


Apart from the main unit, the set also includes two 2-button transmitters and one interior wall station. A remote control is available separately so that you can easily and comfortably open and close the garage as many times as you want, without actually getting off the car.

Warranty and support

It is backed by a lifetime warranty on the opener, and a 2-year warranty on accessories. For further information, those who are interested in this product can confidently call the Customer Service department. All the contact details can be found on the manufacturer’s website.