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Which Brand of Garage Door Opener Is Best?


Every time you purchase a new appliance, machine, or piece of equipment, you start a shorter or, in some cases, longer research process. You must find out what type of unit you need, what are the characteristics and specifications that must be integrated, which is the correct price, and, more importantly of all if the brand that produces it is a dependable one. While you can afford to pick a more obscure manufacturer when it comes to purchasing, let’s say, a lighter or another small and cheap accessory, you must make sure that you don’t mess up with expensive systems, and a garage door opener belongs to this category for sure.

Fortunately, this market has become larger in the last years, and the competition pushed the manufacturers to come up with more efficient and trustworthy models. And, even if the list of companies that produce these units can be pretty long, it isn’t that difficult to identify the main players on the market. It’s simple. People buy them and then buy them again because they are good. Specialized stores fill their shelves with their products, and you’ll see more commercials from them, as this is how things work. A strong company becomes stronger through high-quality products and advertisements.

But it isn’t always enough to know which are the best brands in the industry. The question every customer asks when they are presented with the offer is ‘which is the best of them?’. There’s always a company that offers more than the others, either on the structural side, warranty, or design, and we’ve decided to determine which, so follow our analysis to make sure you pick wisely.


Which Are The Most Important Brands on the Market?

Everybody who has ever installed an opener has heard of them because they were part of the offer. These 6 brands distinguish among the others through a high-quality construction, fine craftsmanship, easy installation, convenient maintenance, long lifespans, and generous warranties.


This company has been active for over 40 years, and since its beginnings, the products released by it have only become better. Every technological discovery has been incorporated in the units on time, increasing their safety and defense. On the other hand, the durable construction that made them famous in the first place remained the same or even got improved in some models.

This brand has also updated the aspects regarding convenience. Thus, any Chamberlain unit can work with MyQ Technology, which means that it can connect to a router and get paired with a phone. This opens far more possibilities for the users, who can verify if their doors are shut from the distance and even operate them without being at home.

Among the most reliable Chamberlain models, you can find WD1000WF, PD220, B510, PD762EV, PD512, PD612EV, WD962KEV, WD832KEV.


This company is part of the Chamberlain Group and specializes not only in garage door openers but in automatic gate openers. The offer includes wall-mount, chain-drive, belt-drive, and smart models. Its products are seen as some of the most durable, and most people pick them due to their straightforward installation.

Moreover, quality is the one describing all the aspects when it comes to a LiftMaster unit. The mechanical parts are attentively crafted, so the system is quiet and works slickly. Not to mention that every unit is accompanied by a 10-year warranty, and often even Lifetime, which includes service and parts in case a malfunction occurs.

If you are wondering which of the LiftMaster products are considered the best, the answer is all of them. Nevertheless, here’s a short list with our favorites: 8550, 8500 Wall Mount, 8365W-267, and 8160W DC Chain Drive.

Craftsman garage door opener Image


It offers highly-reliable models that comply with the newest technology standards. The units are either belt or chain-drive and have a straightforward construction that allows for DIY setup. Most models come with more than one access option and pair with MyQ and Homelink systems.

Regarding safety, Craftsman has paid great attention to this aspect, providing their products with top-notch sensors which activate automatic reverse as soon as an obstacle is identified. Furthermore, the rolling code technology ensures that nobody will get access to the garage except the owner.

If you are interested in the most performant ensembles of the year, make sure to check out our best garage door opener top. You’ll find all the brands we’ve listed here and some extra, which are still building up their reputation.

Genie garage door opener Image


This company was created almost one century ago and established itself as a highly-competitive one just from the beginning. Over time, Genie has invested in their products and managed to make the leap from traditional to modern. The characteristics that set this brand apart are the high-end security technology that alters the codes so they can no longer be picked by intrudes, the strong DC motor of 140 volts, and the super-sensitive infrared safety mechanism, designed to pick up any object that can appear in the door’s path and either stop or reverse the mechanism.

This company also produces smart models, which can pair to a smartphone through WiFi and offer complete control over the garage entry from the distance.

The most popular models offered by Genie are: 2042-TK QuietLift 800, 2022-TC ChainLift 800, and 1022-TH, 4042-TKH SilentMax 1200.

The product manufactured by this company have two distinctive features: they are easy to install and come at really good prices. Most customers choose to set them up themselves, so even the installation process is costless, making this brand a favorite for budget buyers. But, even if their products are more affordable, this doesn’t mean that they don’t offer competitive quality. In fact, the firm has received several awards for the security system incorporated in the unit, which proved to be the most effective of all. To put it short, Skylink products use a specific code for each device that cannot open another unit except the one it was assigned to. Thus, even if your neighbor has the same model as yours, they won’t be able to use their code on your garage.

Almost every unit produced by Skylink is a success, but the sales are the ones that tell, in the end, which of them is the most resistant and convenient. Over the years, Atoms AT-1622BK, EQ-1511 Chain Drive, and ATR-1612BK belt drive have proven their quality.


This player has the main quarter in Europe but has managed to extend its business all over the world. The reason is given by the highly-qualitative products, which are usually accompanied by lifetime warranties. The German quality is visible in the construction of the products, and the technology is superior to most brands. Just to give an example, the motor is mounted above the door, and it is the one moving when the mechanism is actioned. This makes it extremely silent and able to perform faster and safer operations.

Among Sommer best seller, Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP distinguishes through its ability to lift heavy doors with incredible precision while maintaining superior safety standards. Moreover, although the technology behind it is somehow unconventional, it is easy to install and control.

Sommer garage door opener Image

Deciding What Makes a Garage Door Opener Brand the Best

Getting a good product is the main purpose of any customer, but this doesn’t mean that it is the only thing expected from the manufacturer. For the buyer to recommend the product and establish a long-term relationship with the firm, all of the criteria from below must be matched:

  • Quality – It is essential. If the product isn’t well-crafted the chances for the buyer to return are usually low, no matter if all the other factors are favorable. Regarding this aspect, all the candidates we have presented have matched our standards, with Chamberlain and LiftMaster receiving the highest grades.
  • Safety Standards – There are some simple aspects that need to be considered when safety is in question. First, the door should never close over an object that stands in its path, and, secondly, it shouldn’t be easy for intruders to overpass the security system. Lift Master excels at this chapter with its rigorously-tested products and Posilock technology, specially designed to keep intruders out.
  • Technology – All the brands we’ve discussed here have updated their products with first-rate technologies, so you can trust them to maintain the garage secured. Whether they use rolling code or Security 2+ systems, it has become impossible for burglars to find out the code.
  • Product Accessibility – This criterion refers to installation and maintenance. Nevertheless, this aspect is related more to the type of product than to the brand. For example, a belt-drive model will require you to replace the belt more often than you would do it in the case of a chain-model. In general, all of the products manufactured by these brands are suitable for DIY installation and maintenance.
  • Warranty – LiftMaster usually offers Lifetime for the motor and 5 years for the rest of the components, an offer that is matched by Chamberlain and Genie as well. But Sommer offers Lifetime for the whole system, which is truly a nice bonus.
  • Customer Support – All of these companies will assist you with any problem you may encounter.

Liftmaster Image

Which Brand Is Better than All?

There’s impossible to go wrong with any of the brands we’ve listed here. Nonetheless, if you are searching for the best, for the most trustworthy, the one that can last you a lifetime, we recommend LiftMaster. It produces some of the strongest motors, and the system is practically unbreakable due to the extensive testing and care that is put in each unit.

Chamberlain is a great runner up, and it is one of the most well-liked brands as well, due to its easy setup and long-lasting mechanisms. It works with the most recent technologies and includes quality safety beam sensors.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in a quiet mechanism that comes with a Lifetime warranty, any Sommer model would make an excellent purchase.


The price is usually an important criterion when it comes to selecting a unit of this type, but you should always try to get a dependable one. Even if you need to wait a bit longer, you will get better protection and safety and will be able to rely on your unit to last longer. The brands we’ve presented have economical models as well so you can go with one of these types.

On the other hand, if you can afford a more expensive option, don’t pass the opportunity to get yourself a first-rate opener that can make your life more comfortable and provide superior safety for your family.

Trystan Jensen
Trystan Jensen
Trystan is a trusted reviewer who has extensive experience in customer satisfaction gained while he worked as a market research analyst. He is well aware of what consumers want, as well as what they expect the most from the acquisitions they make. It is his personal interest in technologies that help improve life quality combined with his attentiveness to detail and customer experience that make Trystan an unending source of qualitative content.