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Garage Door Opener Drive Types


A ll the garage door openers have a single purpose: that of lifting and lowering the garage door on their own. This means that, if you install one, you won’t need to do this operation yourself, but the benefits don’t end here. If you buy a model with smart technology that includes a HomeLink option, you will be able to operate it without getting out of the car. Imagine how practical this will be in the winter when it is freezing outside or in the autumn and springs when the showers begin. No to mention that no one likes having to switch from the comfort of the air conditioner in the car to burning heat just to open an even hotter garage door.

However, before adventuring yourself into the world of garage door openers, you must decide first what sort of model will match your door. Yes, they are more, and, depending on your garage configuration and door size and construction some may be more suitable than others. So let’s take a look at their classification. This will help you understand the basics of every opener type as well.

Garage Door Opener Drive Types

Chain drive models

Old and reliable technology will never be out of fashion, and the sales confirm it when it comes to this category of openers. The chain is an important part of the mechanism, which uses a system of cables and springs to counterbalance the weight of the door. The best thing about its modus operandi is that it works on the same principles as a pulley system, therefore, even if a storm strikes and messes up with the power cables, you will be able to operate the door manually. Plus, some of them even offer backup batteries that have a long lifespan so your comfort will be preserved even if the power outage extends over a few days.

The only disadvantage at chain drive openers is that they are loud. When the trolley moves, it engages the chain, which can produce some serious vibrations. We mean, if you live above the garage, you will hear it. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem if your garage isn’t connected to your house. In this case, we guarantee it won’t disturb your peace at all.

Garage Door Opener Drive Types

Belt drive models

This technology is newer than the previous one, and some improvements can be observed. First of all, the mechanism uses a rubber belt instead of the chain, which is quieter, so these are the models to go with if you have a room above the garage. Secondly, it engages fewer parts, so the maintenance is easier and can be performed less often than in the case of a chain drive system. Last but not least, just like most door openers produced today, they are loaded with options and special functions, designed to make your life easy.

The only downside we could find is the price, as they tend to run more expensive than their older brothers. Nevertheless, as we have stated, maintenance is easier, and this will translate into less money spent on repairs.

Garage Door Opener Drive Types

Screw drive models

Not as popular as the previous models, but more powerful than most of them, this type of model is chosen by customers who have to deal with massive garage doors. It has the simplest mechanism, which implies a simple threaded rod. The lifting mechanism uses the threaded rod to travel along and lift or lower the door. Thus, as there are fewer pieces implied, the energy is saved for the lifting and lowering process, and this is why it can handle broader and heavier doors.

Regarding the downsides, we must mention the noise one of these products can produce. While it is true that it is quieter than a chain drive model, it cannot match the smooth operations offered by a belt model, so we would recommend it for garages that are separated from the house.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to look for when you decide to replace your old door opener or simply install a new one for the first time. But this wasn’t the only purpose of our article. With this information, you can go and check what type of mechanism you have. Thus, you will know what type of maintenance you need to perform and understand why is your garage vibrating when your neighbor’s is as quiet as a whisper or vice versa.

Logan Hewitt
Logan Hewitt
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