Chamberlain PD762EV

For large garage doors that require strength when it comes to opening and closing, a garage door opener is the best alternative that will limit your effort. The Chamberlain PD762EV, in particular, is a powerful chain-drive device that can handle large doors with ease, so you can get in and out of the garage without touching the door. It can fit many garage doors and it is very easy to install so you will not find it a hassle home addition. Moreover, it is paired with some innovative features that increase its performance.

Chamberlain PD762EV

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Technical Specifications

This device is powered by a powerful ¾ horsepower motor with an industrial chain-drive system for a durable, efficient, and smooth performance. This type of power best handles garage doors up to 7 ft. high and for doors measuring 8 or 10 ft. you will need to install extension kits. Some of its particularities are:

  • Energy Efficient – It is very low consumption and it will only require 1 watt in standby
  • Backup Power – There is also a backup power source to sustain it in case the power goes off, which is a major advantage compared to other garage door openers that don’t include one
  • Timer-to-close – It also includes a timer-to-close feature that closes the garage door in case you forget to close it yourself. This particular feature minimizes the risk of leaving the door unlocked, which increases the safety of your home

Specifications Sheet

PD762EV Specs
Garage door type compatibility 7’ H
Horsepower 3/4 HP
Technology Rolling code
Safety sensors Yes
Lights Yes
Wireless keypad Yes
Remote control Yes
Warranty Lifetime for motor, 1 year for accessories
Chamberlain PD762EV

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Safety and Security Features

It’s very important that you only purchase devices that can increase the level of safety and security of your house with the help of smart technologies. The PD762EV was designed using the latest technologies in the field, like the patented security plus 2.0 rolling code technology which works with multi-frequency transmitters to eliminate interference, resulting in a strong performance over time. Some of its features are:

  • Motion Sensing – The device includes an easy-to-install Motion Sensing wall control with 2 safety sensors that detect motion near the door and stop it from opening or closing in order to avoid damage. This safety feature is particularly useful if you have pets or small children who can crawl beneath the garage door.
  • Auto Limit/Auto Force – The Auto Limit/Auto Force feature measures the force needed to operate the door and in case the system is not powerful enough, it will automatically stop the process in order to prevent failure
  • MyQ – The MyQ smartphone-enabled light that is automatically turned on when the garage door is opened. This way, you will arrive home and find a well-lit garage so you won’t have to wander to find the light switch


You will receive 2 tri-band frequency remotes with your Chamberlain model, so you can have one and give the other to your spouse so you can both enjoy the convenience of this device. Some of the accessories that you will find inside of the package are:

  • Control Panel – The smart control panel of the device ensures an easy programming and a smooth operating so you can enjoy the best of this comfortable home adjustment
  • Light – The system is equipped with two 100W lights that are compatible with CFL and LED light bulbs that are not included
  • IR safety sensors – The sensors will keep you safe from accidents. If they detect an obstruction, the door will be prevented from moving
  • Keypad – The wireless keypad will ensure easy access from inside the garage
Chamberlain PD762EV

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Warranty and Support

After you purchase the door opener, you will enjoy a generous lifetime warranty on the motor, which is the most important and expensive part of the system. Furthermore, the parts, the chain, and the accessories are covered by a 1-year warranty and after that period of time, you can find all the spare parts you may need on the manufacturer’s website. You can also find here customer service through phone or email, so technicians can answer your questions related to the door opener you own.

Final Thoughts

Chamberlain has accustomed customers with top of the line products that truly ensure a high level of security, this being easy to see when you look at this amazing model. Although it has a lot of impressive features, by far the most important is the fact that its MyQ enabled. This means that you can control the garage door even when you’re not at home with ease, being able to do this using your smartphone. The opener doesn’t only take care of improving the security of the garage, but it makes it more convenient for you to open and close the door as well. Also, the 200W of light that it features ensure extra safety, lighting your way when you drive the car in the garage at night.