Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive

Not only your house must be secured very well against intruders, but your garage as well, in case you have one. The Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP chain drive garage door opener is a high-quality device that will surely help you obtain a wonderful result. Furthermore, you will find that opening and closing the door is extremely easy, no matter how many times you are going to do this. It has a sleek and modern design which means that it won’t bring too much attention to itself. As well as, by using this model, you will have enough room for your minivan or SUV. Also, if your garage is small, you should consider this model.

Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive

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Technical Specifications

This chain drive garage door opener comes with a powerful and quiet DC motor. Therefore, you will not disturb your family or your neighbors each time you actually open or close the garage. Take into account the fact that other devices of this type can be very noisy. Therefore, this is without a doubt a huge advantage. Some of its particularities are:

  • Power – The 1/2-horsepower motors are best suited for standard aluminum sectional doors used on most new homes and those ones that were built from 1990 until today
  • Versatile – This innovative unit has been specifically designed for 7 ft. sectional doors, and once it is installed it will allow for more headroom in the garage especially with Minivans or SUV’s
  • HomeLink Compatible – It is HomeLink Compatible. The Compatible Bridge is not included, but it is absolutely necessary for certain vehicles
  • Housing – This door opener has a polycarbonate housing and polypropylene light lens, which means it is very strong, durable, and light as well

Specifications Sheet

PD220 Specs
Garage door type compatibility 7’ H
Horsepower 1/2 HP
Technology Rolling code
Safety sensors Yes
Lights Yes
Wireless keypad No
Remote control Yes
Warranty 6 years for motor, 1 year for parts and accessories

Safety and Security Features

For safety, the Protector System uses IR safety sensors in order to prevent operation in case an object is detected in its path. There is no automatic reverse on the door to bring it to the open position whenever it encounters an obstacle but it will still prevent any sort of accidents.

  • Interference – It comes with a single 60W lighting tri-band frequency radios and a remote for an excellent range, greater performance, and less interference
  • Energy-efficient – When the door is fully closed, the garage opener will go into the sleep mode, which helps when it comes to energy conservation
  • Housing – The thick polycarbonate housing will ensure superior longevity as it won’t lose quality over the years regardless of the humidity in the room
Chamberlain Group PD220 1/2-HP Chain Drive

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This device has one 60 W of lighting compatible with LED and CFL bulbs, one button visor remotes with tri-band frequency, and an easy-to-install doorbell wall control. The package includes:

  • Remote control – Due to the fact that the device has a single remote for multiple uses, it will actually decrease the clutter caused by multiple remotes
  • Doorbell – It also includes a doorbell wall control that comes in handy whenever you want someone to open the garage door for you
  • Mounting brackets – This model comes with 2 15” mounting brackets for the motor. Thus, you don’t have to invest further

Warranty and Support

The manufacturer provides a 6-year motor warranty and a 1-year warranty for the parts, the chain, and the accessories. Feel free to contact the Customer Service Department in case you need further information about this product. All the necessary contact details are available on the manufacturer’s website. After analyzing the specs and features of the Chamberlain garage door opener, we were able to decide how effective and reliable it is, compared to other models we have reviewed. Our conclusion was that it’s a very good product that manages to improve the security of your home with the help of a very smart technology that locks the door for you. Although it doesn’t include all the features some other models do, it is an affordable garage opener that can be a great home improvement.