Ozeri 3x Tower Fan 44″

If you live in a hot area and you are looking for a fan that will lower the temperature without rising the electricity bill, then the Ozeri 3x 44″ with passive noise reduction is what you need. This sleek, practical and efficient fan uses a cutting-edge technology to create a cold airflow and the best part is that it isn’t as expensive as it looks. For $130 and even less when it enjoys a discount, you can purchase this fan and discover its performance. The 1-year warranty may not sound satisfying, but it’s all the manufacturer is offering you besides the reliable fan that was built to last. If you have any questions or problems regarding the Ozeri products, you can receive professional assistance by contacting the manufacturer on the official website.

Innovative Features

The innovative technology with passive noise reduction makes it unbeatable when it comes to delivering cool air in the biggest silence, being the perfect choice for bedrooms. The canted blades use the physics of blade curvature to create as less noise as possible and even isolating the sound of the airflow itself. Some of its smart features are:

  • Versatile – The 3 fans can be independently controlled and you can choose from 3 fan speeds and 9 levels of cooling with a customized airflow
  • Oscillation – The air is evenly distributed with the 90-degree oscillation feature that moves the fan without causing any disturbing noise
  • Timer – The timer can be set from 30 minutes to 30 minutes, up to 7.5 hours so that you can minimize the consumption and avoid unnecessary usage
  • Remote Control – The fan also includes a small remote control for convenient distance control and you can easily store it in the slot located at the back of the fan so that you will never lose it
Ozeri 3x Tower Fan 44 Image

Energy Consumption

This is an Energy Star qualified device designed with the latest technologies that provide performance and reliability at the lowest costs and consumption, so you will be able to create a comfortable ambiance at home without increasing the electricity costs. The innovative features like the canted blades and the programmable timer limit even more the energy consumption.


The fan successfully replaces bulky box fans with its slim and sleek design that can fit even the smallest rooms. The interesting housing holds the 3 fans in a stylish way enhanced by the elegant reinforced glass base stand that ensures perfect stability. Its particularities are:

  • Measurement – Measuring 44” high by 8” wide and by only 3” deep, this is one of the thinnest fans you can find and you can easily assemble
  • Housing – It comes available in a black finish with blue fans for an attractive contrast and a black glass base with a stainless steel foot, or a white housing with black fan blades and a transparent glass base with a stainless steel foot
  • Buttons – The touchscreen placed at the top of the fan includes easy-to-touch buttons that allow you to control the functions of the fan
Final Thoughts

The many features this tower fan comes with, make it a very popular choice among buyers and for good reason. The innovative design makes it very versatile and allows you to easily customize it in order to receive the best performance every time. Although you’ll have to pay more for enjoying this model, you can be sure you won’t regret your decision as it’s both energy-efficient and easy to use. Additionally, the fan is silent, it comes with a remote control, and a 90-degree oscillation feature.