Miallegro 1780

Not all tower fans are the same and the Miallegro 1780 model surely stands out of the crowd thanks to the sophisticated design that makes it look more like a decorating item than a cool air fan. However, its efficiency still manages to amaze you and you will find it incredibly versatile, easy-to-use and practical. And although you may think that this sleek fan will cost you a fortune, you will be surprised to discover the $130 price tag that makes it even more attractive.

Smart and Innovative

Although it looks stunning, looks are not the only qualities of the Miallegro 1780 and you will be as pleased with its features as you are with its design. The air circulation is provided through a large louver along the housing of the fan and the oscillating feature increases the airflow circulation on a wider range. Some of its features are:

  • Timer – The device includes a programmable shut-off timer that lets you set the fan to work when you need it to
  • Speeds – You can also choose from 3 speeds that are very quiet so that you can use the fan in any room. You can also set it to work on the Silent Mode to make sure it stays very quiet
  • Outdoor Setting – What is innovative about the operating mode is the distinctive outdoor setting that creates a pleasant breeze feeling without having to open a window
  • Remote Control – Every setting can be chosen using the convenient remote that comes with the fan, just make sure that you don’t misplace it considering how small it is
Miallegro 1780 Image

Energy Consumption

The fan will not influence your household’s electricity bill thanks to the energy-saving features like the electronic timer that automatically shut off the unit after a certain amount of time or the adjustable speeds that keep the unit from working at an unnecessarily high speed.


The design equals its performance and it will surely help it become a centerpiece in any room you place it. It’s a slim unit that measures 49 inches high x 13.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches deep, which helps it be very efficient without taking much space. Its design features are:

  • Construction – The exterior is a combination of silver metal on the top and bottom and a black plastic in the middle, which is where the blades and the display are placed
  • Controls – The 5 buttons located on the body of the fan change their color depending on the setting chosen which is a great design hack
  • Blades – The fan blades are concealed so there is no way of getting hurt

Warranty & Support

The room fan comes with a warranty of 18 months and enjoys a very professional and helpful customer support that can solve any problem related to the fan. You can find all the information on the manufacturer’s official website, as well as details on all the products they offer.

Final Thoughts

According to the customers’ reviews, this model is a great purchase as it’s powerful enough to increase the indoor air circulation. This is mainly due to the oscillation feature that makes it more efficient when it comes to cooling the hot air. At the same time, the shut-off timer and the remote control are great features that make it more convenient, while the warranty gives you peace of mind in case some parts get defective during the warranty period. In what concerns the price, the fan is neither too expensive nor too cheap, being made of high-quality materials.