Lasko Xtra Air T48310

If you want a tower fan that is different from the others, try the Lasko Xtra Air T48310, which is taller than other models and provides a wider area coverage. The oscillation helps it spread the airflow even more and the ionizer keeps the air fresh so that you can benefit from this fan in many ways. Although the original price is $149, you can enjoy several discounts that lower the price to $70, so you will also make a great deal.


The extended length of this fan helps it distribute the cold air on a much wider area, thus increasing its functionality. Combined with the widespread oscillation, it becomes one of the most efficient tower room fans that can handle large rooms without becoming overwhelmed. Some of its features are:

  • Speeds – You can choose one of the 3 fan speeds that adjust the airflow intensity, but you must know that the high speed is louder than the others
  • Timer – The good thing is that you can set the fan to work at intervals up to 7 hours and as an upgrade, the fan includes a fresh air ionizer that keeps the air clean and fresh as if it came from the outside
  • Controls – You can choose any of these features by touching the lighted controls on the top front of the fan
  • Remote Control – You can use the convenient remote control that is neatly held in the compartment in the housing
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Energy Consumption

The energy-saving aspect is very important in any appliance and device you purchase, especially those that you intend to use for a long time. You don’t have to worry about this with the Xtra Air T48310 because it is an ETL listed unit and includes an electronic timer that makes it an energy-saving device.


This is one of the tallest fans available on the market, with a 48” height that not only makes it more efficient but also more stylish. The lightweight housing doesn’t exceed 12 pounds, so you can easily hold and move it, helped by the easy-carry handle that allows you to place it in every room of the house. The slim design helps you save space and replaces the bulky units that require plenty of space. The shiny silver design gives it an elegant aspect and makes it a great decorating item that will look good in any room to choose to place it. The controls are mounted at the top of its front and not on the top as in other models, but you can still access them very easily.

Lasko Xtra Air T48310 Picture

Warranty & Support

In case your unit experiences any operating issues shortly after the purchase, there is no need to worry because it comes with a 1-year warranty. After this period of time, you can use the customer support provided by the manufacturer to find answers and solutions regarding your Lasko product.

Final Thoughts

Made by the popular brand Lasko, this model is great for larger rooms. Due to the fact that you have the possibility to choose the desired speed and control it with the help of the remote control, you will find it very convenient, especially if we consider the electronic timer and the ionizer. Not all the towers fans are built with an included ionizer, but this one is among those which make sure the air you breathe is always fresh. Additionally, the unit may be taller than the others, but it’s also slimmer, so you can easily place it anywhere in the room.