Honeywell HY-108 QuietSet

When it comes to choosing a device that will cool down the room during a warm summer day, most people seem to prefer opting for a tower fan, rather than spending more money on an AC unit. If you are also interested in buying a fan, you should take a look at what the Honeywell HY-108 QuietSet Whole Room has to offer. At just $69.99 or less, you can get a powerful and convenient device.


The HY-108 comes with eight variable fan speed so that you can select the ideal level of temperature in your room. This is one of its best features because as you may have already seen, most of the fans that are available on the market today don’t offer more than three variable speeds, so we can definitely agree on the fact that it is a worthy investment. What makes this one such a popular choice among most customers is the fact that it provides a 90-degree wide cooling area, thanks to the oscillating fan. This way the entire room is cooled down much faster. The HY-108, like most fans, also comes with a remote which gives you the option to control the unit and change the fan speeds or settings while you are far away from the device.

Honeywell HY-108 Image

Energy consumption

If you are a busy person that is always in a rush or the forgetful type who sometimes forget to turn off the TV or coffee maker, you should know that this efficient fan comes with an auto shut-off timer that can be set for one to 8 hours. This way, you will also manage to reduce energy consumption significantly. One thing is for sure: it was designed with silent operation in mind. As many customers have reported, the Honeywell HY-108 is very quiet, so you can even place it in your office or bedroom, without fearing that the noise may interfere with your daily life. There’s not a lot of information related to energy consumption, other than what we’ve mentioned here, but the majority of users seem to be very pleased with their purchase and haven’t complained so far about their energy bills being increased while using the room fan.


Design wise, the Honeywell HY-108 features a classy design, that can blend in with all sorts of decors, whether it is modern, classic or minimalist. Its following measurements are 10.8 x 8.2 x 32.8 inches.

Warranty & Support

The Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room HY-108 features a standard one year warranty where all repair costs are entirely covered during the course of one year. Customer service is overall very good. It’s very likely that you will get an answer within 24 hours if you decide to contact Honeywell representatives via phone or e-mail.

Final Thoughts

Starting with the 8 available speeds to choose from and ending with the silent operation, this model is surely a great option for all those who want to make sure their future fan offers them the convenience and performance they need. Also, we love the fact that it doesn’t cost too much and you can easily set it to automatically turn off after a certain period of time. Last but not least, the remote control allows you to operate it from distance and customize it according to your preferences.