Honeywell HY-048BP

Are you looking for an efficient and easy to use fan? Then, look no more. The Honeywell HY-048BP Fresh Breeze with Remote Control offers plenty of convenient features that are designed to provide a gentle to cool breeze to mid-sized room. At just $59.99 it’s worth to take into consideration. Here’s what’s worth mentioning about this fan.


Most people who have tested this product agree that the temperature controls is one of the best features. What’s best about this feature is that you can set the temperature between 60 degrees or even 90 degrees Fahrenheit via a remote control or by using the remote control. Some of its innovative features are:

  • Ionization Technology – Other than being capable of cooling small to medium-sized rooms, it comes with a filter and ionization technology which has been designed to clean the small particles and allergens that go through the fan
  • Speeds – The Honeywell room fan comes with three airflow speeds which can be adjusted according to your preference
  • Timer – The 12-hour timer will ensure that you can program it to function according to your needs

As you can already notice, this affordable fan comes with some impressive feature but there has to be a drawback to all this. The main drawback consists of the fact that the Honeywell HY-048BP is not very efficient at providing cool air in large rooms.

Honeywell HY-048BP Image

Energy consumption

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the fan isn’t capable of cooling large rooms; it’s more suitable for small rooms. This also means that it will use less energy than another fan that is larger and more robust. In order to make some money savings, you can choose to set the temperature to a specific point and wait until the fan cools the room to the desired level of temperature. Then it will shut itself off for some time and turn on automatically when the room needs to be cooled down again.


In terms of design, the Honeywell HY-048BP is well-constructed device and to our surprise, it’s very easy to install. This model is classy, elegant and sleek. It goes well with different decorating styles, so it’s up to you to choose a proper location for it. You can even place it the baby’s room because it won’t take a lot of space. Some of its design particularities are:

  • Modes – You have the ability to choose multiple breeze modes which will let the unit function according to your needs
  • Flashlight – The built-in flashlight will allow you to use it at night time or in low light conditions
  • Handle – You will like the fact that it has an integrated handle as you can carry it wherever you go
Honeywell HY-048BP Image

Warranty & Support

Most tower fans include a one-year warranty, even for expensive models but this one features a 5-year warranty, so this is a good selling point. In terms of customer service, Honeywell representatives are very professional, so don’t hesitate to contact them via phone or e-mail or access their official website for further information.

Final Thoughts

This model is definitely worth considering if you want to buy a reliable tower fan that won’t disappoint you. Specially designed for cooling your room and forget about the hot temperatures, this unit is more affordable than other models which means you will pay less for basically the same performance. Of course, the fan also comes with some disadvantages, but you will surely love all the helpful features. At the same time, the unit has a stylish design and it’s very easy to use, especially because it has a built-in thermostat.

Logan Hewitt
Logan Hewitt
Logan was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, one of the most affected American cities by pollution, experiencing firsthand the phenomenon’s dangers. He worked in retail for a small electronics shop for 5 years, where he had his first experience with air purifiers. With his interest in technologies that are meant to improve life quality and the technical skills he gained with the passing of time, Logan is able to provide readers with in-depth analysis of life-changing devices.